We Need To Talk About Season 6... (RIP Fortnite)
In this video, I talk about the current state of the game, Fortnite Season 6, and the RIP Fortnite hashtag that was trending on Twitter. I got inspired to make this video after seeing a bunch of similar Fortnite is Dying videos from huge creators like SypherPK, Lachlan, Ali-A and Mongraal. All of them talk about the current state of Season 6, primal shotguns, and why Epic needs to step it up. They also mention the past times RIP Fortnite has started trending which is one of my main focuses as well. That's mainly why I wanted to give my opinion and talk about what Epic can actually do to fix Season 6. I really do not think Fortnite is dying or will be dead any time soon, I especially think they can fix the game with all the solutions I mention, I just want them to make the game the best it can be and help the competitive scene out. Let me know your thoughts down below.
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  • itsJerian

    Right as I upload this video, Epic decides to nerf the primal and release a small form of patch notes. IT'S WORKING BOYS!!!

    • Antoni poslednik
      Antoni poslednik

      Fuck the shotgun but the AR is fiya

    • Camo

      Details in the video are agreed

    • BagelBoy

      I love that they nerfed the primal bc its so bad no one picks it up anymore so u dont have to die to a stupid spray shotgun anymore

    • slimeplayz

      This video aged well

    • AuxChord

      A ban phase at the start of an arena/comp game would be cool like vote off 1-4 weapons especially if there was a super op weapon you could vote to ban it before the game starts.

  • Kartik yadav
    Kartik yadav

    this season is shit !!! True

    • Derek Ashel
      Derek Ashel

      I recommend Apex Legends rn

  • Zyftis

    left this comment at 1:00 fight me jerian. i will 1v1 you. edit* botto mode has no fear.

  • Shadow Henchmen
    Shadow Henchmen

    Why do people want this game to be competitive? It a cartoony kids game, theres no need to make everything competitive.

  • rianswrld

    Fortnite is not dying in the aspect of player nor money, Fortnite is dying in the aspect of fun. Everything to do has been done, and with the no communication from Epic the game has become repetitive..

  • honeymilk1974

    No it isn't a mess, I'm glad pros don't like it so us casuals can enjoy the game!! 🤙🏻


    Epic games are money hungry

  • JinX_ rogue
    JinX_ rogue

    Everytime people say fortnite is dying but they keep playing it

  • Monzyn

    bfc is over?

  • Benard Ismaili
    Benard Ismaili

    Buff makeshifts so we dont die offspawn Edit:thanks for doing that :)

  • Alstro

    Yeah sure we know it died in c2 s1 dont say this now.

  • Ruin v2
    Ruin v2

    Yeah me and my friend recently quit Fortnite is just not the same anymore

  • big dubs
    big dubs

    "I hope they bring back the tac and remove the primal shotgun' then we will have the pump and the tac back".!!!!! Then OG players will come back RIP hamlinz

  • Jibrael Waday
    Jibrael Waday

    Itsjerian:” oh sorry, makeshit” Little timmy:” Did you just say.....?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

  • Danaiz Naranjo
    Danaiz Naranjo


  • Its me sheldon
    Its me sheldon

    1:17 what happened to her leg??

  • Jeex

    Every point he goes over is ture, but one the comp community probably wont be happy with patch notes

  • Kaleb’ Richardson
    Kaleb’ Richardson

    7:43 chill

  • Kaleb’ Richardson
    Kaleb’ Richardson

    If pros controled they would take out pubs

  • jades

    epic: does the opposite of what you said

  • Christian Roberts
    Christian Roberts

    i just did

  • GGGavinstar shorts
    GGGavinstar shorts

    I like the brand new season the only thing I hate about it is there's a lot more sweats and hackers

  • Andy Exposito
    Andy Exposito

    Can we just skip to the part where everyone uninstalls and my friend quits spamming me to play fortnite

  • Cart

    90% of the clips in the video: ninja diyng to fall damage

  • Simon Rzany
    Simon Rzany

    Yes bro yes

  • Piggles

    i want tilted tower...tomato ))

  • Piggles

    i just wan the old fortnite....old defaults ....and noob players ....i mean ...if they dont give us the old fortnite....Fortnite in like 6 months will be dead...Reast in Peace Fortnite

  • emil

    I just want the fun we had playing this game back then. The brighter colors and map. The 2 types of shotgun 3 types of rifles 2 snipers and 2 smgs thats pretty much it. Honestly people abusing building tricks and epic inventing playground killed the game. So many players started 1v1-ing in creative or playground that u don't even have to play the game to get good. U need to play creative maps or 1v1 someone. All of the players would be as good as they were in s8 including me.

  • Cybr Mixo
    Cybr Mixo

    Didn't epic basically do wagers during the world cup? To me that doesn't make sense.

  • GhostRaid

    Even though they nerfed the primal it's still really annoying GB and the fire rate still feels the same come one epic let's find this game!

  • ケイ Kay
    ケイ Kay

    See what I don’t understand is that pros Evan tho they complained the us the primal I don’t know man?somebody tell me why plz

  • Fightfury


  • MaxyFishy

    Who else remembers the old times going in with your mates full squad vibes....snoby shores,volcano tilted towers :((((((((( the nostalgia

    • Bud.

      @MaxyFishy no crap, t I don’t play tho it’s just the community is terrible which is why the game is bad

    • MaxyFishy


  • Heyo DyloX
    Heyo DyloX

    Sometimes, it’s good to keep something original than constantly adding to the game.

  • Arzo

    if wagers r gamboling how aren't tournaments

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    ME: leaves positive supportive comment before video ends

  • Federico Diazleal
    Federico Diazleal

    Are u gay becouse in the tumbnail you possing like a gay

  • Exczy FN
    Exczy FN

    420th dislike I’m not a hater I had to do it tho

  • Julian Petrescu
    Julian Petrescu

    I agree with everything,fortnite is killing itself and its community but they can start interacting.

  • Og Bops
    Og Bops

    I been playing since season 1 lol this season is dope, y’all just a bunch of pussies


    I just want the story line to end

  • Ghost_Graxx

    Lol i commented before watching the video fully

  • Bombboy3

    Honestly, separating the loot pools is needed. Since pros/competitive players want balanced items, and casuals want fun, which usually are incompatible, Epic has to decide who to choose each season... Why NOT please both?

  • Brian Dobson
    Brian Dobson

    I don't know what people are talking about I love season 6 it my favourite

  • Dre.xx2k

    I remember I used to be so exited for the new season to come out plz go back to old fortnite season 1-5

  • Dre.xx2k

    I wish we can just go back to season 1-5 fortnite in chapter 1

  • Max Fidelio
    Max Fidelio

    Fucking shit game bro rigged updates

  • Riot Gaming
    Riot Gaming

    Hey come check out my new vid Ronaldo always makes me laugh when watching his streams

  • Jayden Velez
    Jayden Velez


  • WyeFye

    You look so evil jerian 7:41

  • Fiji

    left a comment before the end, fite me!

  • swapna harish
    swapna harish

    ha i left a coment before

  • zJ E ZZ U Zz
    zJ E ZZ U Zz

    I stopped playing when they added the charge shotgun I just started playing again and every single gun is absolutely disgustingly bad I genuinely want to fight the people at epic games in real life

  • Launcher

    wait a Minuit how old r u? (Not to be disrespectful) You actually Look very Young Ngl

  • XD JoSHuA 12 Brice
    XD JoSHuA 12 Brice

    itsjerian can you please explain more about why Clix called Donald Musterd a bald f***, it sounds interesting.

  • Fahd

    Fotnite already died but will be truly dead on 2023 remember that !

  • lilryryfn

    even took away the inventory hud that let you see the amount of damage a gun cann do

  • canadianguy34

    bro wtf did your voice get deeper or am i high

  • AuxChord

    A ban phase at the start of an arena/comp game would be cool like vote off 1-4 weapons especially if there was a super op weapon you could vote to ban it before the game starts.

  • Retro FC
    Retro FC


  • David Santos
    David Santos

    rip fortnite

  • Thecriminal Life
    Thecriminal Life

    makeshift weapons /makeshit weapons

  • Kleb0ne

    Why do I hear weird clicks in the video?

  • Ian Oolman
    Ian Oolman

    Rip fortnite

  • Masny Kloc
    Masny Kloc

    From a casual point of view, this season is not bad. But still this game is sweat fest and as casual you can't have fun.

  • Christopher Patrick
    Christopher Patrick

    Get Fortnite on My Bookie, problem solved? haha

  • VurTz


  • -

    wagers made toxic community of 12 year olds happy theyre gone

  • Insolent_child

    I've been complaining about this game since season 8. I hate the clowns who made this game. Bunch of bone heads who only care about making money. They don't care about the community at all. They don't care if you don't like the game, as long as they're making money

  • Insolent_child

    Just bring back the old map and old guns!

  • Insolent_child

    Just bring back the old map. Epic Games do not listen to the community. They're a bunch of morons

  • Toedespencer

    Fortnite is dying

    • Toedespencer

      @Bob Walker I can’t even sit and play the game for 5min without wanting to get off

    • Bob Walker
      Bob Walker

      Sure is the game is poo

  • Swerve410

    From a causal standpoint this game is dead its a comp game now

  • who who6970
    who who6970

    Simple take 2 all the gta 5 players know what i am talking about i think take 2 has bought epic games in the shadows

  • Luka Majsec
    Luka Majsec

    shut the fuck up clickbaiter

  • Jonathan _
    Jonathan _

    Haha commented before the end B)

  • Anbu

    no youre not gonna stay for years someone will eventually copy fortnite building because there is no way to copyright the concept of construction. if i graduated i would already have created a fortnite creative clone thats just balanced(its the same thing that happened to dark souls just that dark souls is actually a clean game)

  • Yon_ Cpt
    Yon_ Cpt

    Yes! From what I know and there may be a reason as to why they changed the engine. Fortnite was much better before imo or at least from what I think this engine is the reason there isn't much content related items like there was before. No communication really killed it.

  • Jojopollo Engel
    Jojopollo Engel

    fuck epic games


    The primal was fine, before the update my teamate got destroyed even though he had the mythic one

  • Declan Smith
    Declan Smith

    competitive ruined fortnite it gave way too many 13 -15 year olds false hope at becoming pro

  • Arcfah

    Who remembers watching the video where he talks about finishing school/college and focusing on IRbin, before season x

  • D4rkn3ss58

    I left a comment before it ended

  • maze pp
    maze pp

    Im not comin back lol

  • nvoid

    What's wrong with the graphics system?

  • Kinggusundercover

    I will always love Fortnite

  • Zero


  • 720 RyZe
    720 RyZe

    please reply its not going to happen😭

  • Doom Posterior
    Doom Posterior

    I just don't understand why people who are always complaining about how shitty a game is and how it's gonna die annnnnny minute now _even play_ the shitty game that is gonna die annnnny minute now. you're like a masochist.

  • MLG_ Leo7
    MLG_ Leo7

    fortnite May be ass right now but the worst thing is their Community people that dont know whats to take a shower or go walk down the street and that are toxic asf wen these two combine this equals you quiting and going to warzone or any other game

  • Djpug 43
    Djpug 43

    The Africa community has been asking for servers for nearly 4 years now what makes you think epic will listen to us now

    • Tuna

      Lmao sad

  • Marvin

    1:22 But how it is Gambling when you play for free and can win money

  • R PL
    R PL

    I dislike the new weapons and the crafting system. Last season the game seemed to be in a really good path, more vanilla, back to its roots, they even brought back a pseudo Tilted Towers, now they went full retard again.

  • FunkyLittleNinja

    "Epic and the law agrees that it's gambling" bruh stfu no one gives 2 fucks about cops say most of america hates those pig smellin lazy asses. Literally make me embarrassed to be white bruh

  • Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams

    I think most of everything you said id true, however the playerbase getting better is one of the bigger issues.

  • UniQue is sad
    UniQue is sad

    I just want them to remove ranked matchmaking from publics other theb for brand new players. Listen when you wanna be casual having to make a new account because your publics is harder then arena is sad. Why? No point when epic added ranked matchmaking to public thats what killed it for me. Somtimes you judt wanna have fun in casual

  • Garret Lemaster
    Garret Lemaster

    Jerian cussed dang this is serious

  • Abiel Segbeaya
    Abiel Segbeaya

    This is something epic will have to look at this commentary by jerian before fortnite dies really like for real

  • isaac Luna
    isaac Luna

    Bro i have always got annoyed by most fortnite streamers because epic fixes one thing they complain about another,like its just annoying cause you know when the primal shotgun came out they were destroying people with it,but when they kept getting killed by it they hated it

  • flxwers