Using MOBILE Settings In A Cash Cup! - Fortnite Battle Royale
In this video, I played the trio cash cup but instead of using normal builds, I used mobile builds and mobile settings. I made a video very similar to this when performance mode first came out and you guys all loved it. Since that time, however, Epic has changed performance mode so you can now select how you want your builds to look. This new meshes setting can be on either high for bubble wrap builds or low for mobile builds. I chose the low mobile setting for this video and played the entire trio cash cup with it. Shoutout to my teammates Rys and Ral for the games as well. Drop a like and go follow them! Mobile settings.
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  • Aiden Druce
    Aiden Druce


  • NSD_Speedy

    hey jerian when i select performance mode and restart game fps drops too much what can i do can you pls tell me P.S you are awesome

  • YuxinSZN ϟ
    YuxinSZN ϟ

    one of them sound like a younger version of stable ronaldo

  • Gabe Lagor
    Gabe Lagor

    Jerian: I have hard mats for u Jerian 5 seconds later: I’m out of hard mats

  • YoXzn

    Mobile builds look better imo

  • saints

    papa jerian your too cracked dadyd

  • itsZexrum

    He should do a 50 player zonewars tournament

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    Riley RLT


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    Eithan A


  • Kraze

    Jerian should start streaming on twitch

  • Buggz

    I’m on mobile and can confirm this looks almost exactly the same

  • Ken KD Cannon
    Ken KD Cannon

    Jerian isn’t the best player buts he’s the best passive and endgame player he never gives up and always give us tips and tricks so one day we’re good at fortnite and get earnings thx for every thing jerian

  • Adro Diaz
    Adro Diaz

    Nice clickbait

  • Champignon

    My question is: does mobile builds get more fps or just the same

  • Smaks

    i like the mobile builds better

  • Nxbula FN
    Nxbula FN

    When quality equals quantity

  • Julio with the costume GTA
    Julio with the costume GTA

    1 question and can you please answer umm why do you look like your on mobile graphics like the builds and grass

  • PlayboiKazi :D Vfx
    PlayboiKazi :D Vfx

    At 3:02 was anybody else suprised that there were still sharks this season?

  • REVERSE Reverse
    REVERSE Reverse


  • Boxzd

    Its not fully mobile settings until u get a minum of 30fps to 120fps

  • Dxtrz

    What is ur ami sens

  • Sri Avula
    Sri Avula

    Hey jerian, if you played mobile settings you would be in season 3 😢

  • Ethan Sinclair
    Ethan Sinclair

    I play on mobile ans even through the graphics scaled down due to IRbin, it still looks better than the average mobile

  • vxoze

    Becoming famous of comments day 3

  • ViperBrick

    The amount of times jerian shot first with an ar and had a sniper is unsettling to me

  • Bau Su
    Bau Su

    Jerian why do u use a golden pistol instead of a ar?

  • Python sc6
    Python sc6

    I love your 💕vids but you need better teammates dm me

  • Jirkatt

    I think it would be better to do it for all platforms because is so op

  • Quote is a qt
    Quote is a qt

    bubble rap build uhhhhhh

  • DibsQt

    itsjerian can you make a video of Clean mousepad Vs. Dirty mousepad Gameplay

  • Garay 2104
    Garay 2104

    Your a sweet!!!!!!

  • Not Dubs :3 x
    Not Dubs :3 x

    does MrSavage Replay? 🤨

  • Lucas Oliveira
    Lucas Oliveira

    Is there anyone pushing accouunts from 0-6k arena point cheap? Payment through PayPal once you reach champs!

  • Ryan Leyva
    Ryan Leyva

    Make sure you use code jerian !

  • Stivo

    What happened to taken?

  • Frxsty xtrEmEx
    Frxsty xtrEmEx

    I wish we could see PapaJerain warmup

  • Xelcy

    @itsjerian @eveyone I have a really good pc with a 3070, but my performance mode looks worst than mobile builds... Why is that and what can I do? thx to everzone replying !

  • Swag Man77
    Swag Man77

    no one is gonna talk about Ral popping off lol

  • Fxsly

    1:30 Cory chase lol iykyk

  • Flames -Boxedbyflames
    Flames -Boxedbyflames

    Who else watched him change the title of the vid

  • InverseX FN
    InverseX FN

    Papa J you have the sniper if they are barely moving snipe em

  • GalaxyGamerz

    This saved my life

  • SkyeRos 17
    SkyeRos 17

    Watching you play on mobile settings makes me happy as a mobile player. It's fun watching pro pc players experience what mobile players see all the time (:

  • bot

    Lol I use an android phone and have 3000 points

  • Burnt Tuxedo
    Burnt Tuxedo

    yo I think Rys problem is that he is opening up the app straight from the desktop and not from the epic game launcher. at least that's how i stopped my game from crashing.

  • Danielle Derrick
    Danielle Derrick

    You should make a video about the worst and best shotguns in fortnite that are in the game right now

  • ginger field
    ginger field

    7 37, what diiiiid heeee saaaaay

  • Edward van der Weegen
    Edward van der Weegen

    Wherebis takend

  • Box Office Prince
    Box Office Prince

    Any Cory Chase fans here? 1:32

  • Huwy

    Jerian is finally saying cracked and not broke his shield

  • Trixter

    why its jerian you have 3090 i9 9900k or better and you are using the bad preformenc mode

  • Youmad203

    Me and my teammates got 41 points in the first round we played but my duo had to get off

  • Fruinja

    He forgot the "Visualize Sound Effects"

  • 太田翔

    I do not have friends by the way

  • 太田翔

    Hey can I play arena with you please I now no one never watch my comments but I never give up so if you want do with me my name is reward858magical

  • Mobby Aquatic
    Mobby Aquatic

    You can throw a gas can and shoot at it so it explodes

  • AntiYoulz

    Yo jerian i got a new pc it has a nvidia grapics card and idk if im supposed to open fortnite wit geforce now or just epic games

  • Danny

    Do i buy the razer huntsman mini?

  • ScrapFn

    u have to make a video like this again but with 30 fps

  • RyZe FN
    RyZe FN

    can u teach us mobile tricks now pls

  • Cane Terrorista YT
    Cane Terrorista YT

    Can u review the g pro wireless x superlight

  • Realm

    i cant wait until i get a pc

  • Doxy YT - دوكسي
    Doxy YT - دوكسي

    this channel is dying

  • DivineKi

    Jerian you should do a video on you testing bugha 5 and below accessories

  • ahmed alshehhi
    ahmed alshehhi

    My best Axe

  • ahmed alshehhi
    ahmed alshehhi

    Plz Jerian do video how to improve your aim and which sensitivity is better :(

  • SenixFNBR

    Can I 1v1 you I’m a bot 12 year old

  • Sakada Hong Thon
    Sakada Hong Thon

    Jerian commenting Bubble rap builds : Ahhh its so good Jerian commenting mobile graphic builds : ITS SO BAD AAH

  • K E K Z X l *
    K E K Z X l *

    Can you get a 360hz Monitor?

  • ttvfortnite Youtube
    ttvfortnite Youtube

    Jerian i watched all you vids i grind this game for hours on end i pay for coaching And my skill sucks my trio dropped me and now im sad what do i do?

  • Hesi

    Competing using mobile settings also Jerian 240fps :/ banger vid as usual tho...


    Still waiting for the day Jerian kills Zexrow

  • Elite ClxneΨ
    Elite ClxneΨ

    2:57 Mongraal watching this be like: ohh he’s felling the same aim assist I feel in my bones too

  • Daymo

    Wait what happened to takened?

  • Pluck plays
    Pluck plays

    2 day of getting famous from the community and commutes

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    QuackInABox Of The Duck Army


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    my bday is today!!!!

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    Day 10000087u97 of spamming jerian until he replies saying calc is dog

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    Cyrus Railton

    7:36 😂😂😂😂

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    jerian, i'm so proud of you keep it up man

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    Alexander Duarte 2006

    Repent from your sins because Jesús is coming back soon

  • Shu

    when i use preformence mode and i try to load into a game my game crashes help me

  • Jisani Peepers
    Jisani Peepers

    Jerian go 360fps pls

  • mrbless248

    Can you be my duo please 🙏

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    Hi jerian is the rtx 3060 good for fortnite pls reply

  • DiegoPlayzz.

    Its me or Jerian was playing so good?

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    I like my Jerian like he likes Mackwood.🤤

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    Klaus Raats

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  • Lucki

    Caught you in 😐📸92K ultra i9 10980XE 4.6GHz & Intel Core i7 10700K 5.0GHz! THREE Nvidia RTX 3090s flat screen TV

  • SoulzDZN

    What about 30 FPS and visual sound effects

  • Team Sinful
    Team Sinful

    We were in ur second game lmfaoooo I remember the coms I said bro some weirdo just ramped us w rpg 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  • PhantvmFn

    the most professional fortnite coach ever

  • TFP Vauz
    TFP Vauz

    damn he was lobbied with bugha sweaty sweaty jerian

  • ITZ Drizz
    ITZ Drizz

    Papa Jerian on top on mobile builds

  • frost nio
    frost nio

    Where takend

  • swimzy

    what kids see when they play on an ipad pro 💀

  • Hish

    u came top 2.5k not 500th btw

  • axzul

    Welp at least u have a good pc and setup and ping,,,, unlike me

  • fudzz ϟ
    fudzz ϟ

    Jerian I have a question abt performance mode, so my pc has 8 gb of ram. and now since you can change the mesh to low or high, if someone who doesnt have 16+ gb of ram uses high meshes does it give input delay?

  • Brevon Higgs
    Brevon Higgs

    Why cant they let us use mobile builds on swtitch? That would be a help