Top 7 Landing Spots For Arena + Cash Cups! - Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6
In this video, I showcase the top 7 (seven) landing locations and drop spots for arena, cash cups and tournaments Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 6. All the spots I include are new or are existing spots that have been changed in the new season. However, none of these landing spots are new POIs like Colossal Crops, Boney Burbs, or The Spire. Rather, they are uncontested spots with a ton of chests, fishing spots for floppers, things to farm for max mats, bunker chests (new secret chests that give you insane loot) upgrade NPCs, mobility to get to zone, and tons of ways to get mechanical parts so you can get a purple pump (spas) shotgun every single game. As you'll see as well, many of them are secret houses like John Wick's house where you can craft a purple pump and upgrade your makeshift shotguns as well as safe spots to land at that have interesting looting routes mixed with the bunker chests. So, if you're looking for the best solo landing locations for arena and solo cash cups, then this video is definitely for you. On top of that, this video will make you a better Fortnite player, get you a purple pump shotgun every single game, help you survive the early game and find a new drop spot, and help you win more in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.
0:00 Introduction
0:35 Wick's House
3:28 Camp Cod
5:35 Guardian Of The Mountain
8:43 Spire Bridge
11:26 Compact Cars
13:56 Logjam Woodworks
16:34 Guardian Of The Sea
19:06 Conclusion
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  • Rylix Is washed
    Rylix Is washed

    Anyone realize he’s in customs? 😂👌👏

  • OP Dannyboy
    OP Dannyboy

    I land stealthy stronghold with my friend bcs we get max brick wood and 300 metal and at least 2 duos we always get top 5 to like bruv🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shane Healey
    Shane Healey

    Did you know that if you land at flush factory it gives you a blue pump or above

  • Skave

    Thank you

  • SiphonRanger4

    I liked and subscribed


    Best spot is the island down from the weather station. U always leave with atleast 21 metal pieces and at the house usually there is a bunker chest on the floor of the basement. Even if u can only find green pump Jules is inside the last building where u can upgrade weapons

  • Herro

    Thanks so much bro right after I hopped into an arena game after watching this video i went to ur spot and got a 9 kill win


    3:28 what is that face bro


    Thanks for making me die

  • Jacob Linke
    Jacob Linke

    Great vid but you could of added flush factory

  • Inky Plays
    Inky Plays

    These are the top most uncontested spots, everyone thinks their gonna be contested bc of this video so they don’t land there.

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  • Hassett gaming
    Hassett gaming

    lies my drop spot is godly

  • Aidan Mullane
    Aidan Mullane

    How are you the only person in the game

  • Aztechs

    Jerian exposed my spire bridge landing spot

  • Tlcmeister

    Log jam place was my arena drop spot and would always get wins until once I landed there a 7 kids were there

  • Dz Portal
    Dz Portal

    My first time landing guardian tower i won the game

  • RemyXs

    I use your code! Also thx for helping with my solo drop I think Ill go john wicks in cash cups agin thx Peice control Jernigan

  • Master Chicken
    Master Chicken

    Thank u very much this will help me alot thx cause i play pubs lol


    Yo thanks jerian,but my problem is my opponents also watched this

  • Kaleb’ Richardson
    Kaleb’ Richardson

    Lets appreciate how he’s wasting his points

  • Eissa fazal
    Eissa fazal

    This season is just about who gets the better gun

  • Mickael Esparros
    Mickael Esparros

    On the second spot there is a bunker chest in the basement of the house, yw

  • Elljay_PLAYZ

    What if you dont find a makeshift shotgun

  • Paradoxnw

    hope you know that it is a bunker chest in the second place at the main house so you can get much better loot there beacause the farm house gives you atleast 15 mechanical parts if you are lucky and if you have the zone you can do what jerian said

  • marius efrem
    marius efrem

    Btw there is a bunker chest in pleasnt park (sorry if i didnt type that good)

  • KNG_ vex
    KNG_ vex

    Yo thx so much for these op spots

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    zerks w key

    I’m still in div 7 and I have only really played duos. This drop spots are pretty good

  • drizzlx

    bruh when he does these it just makes everyone land there and you basically die off spawn every round sooooooo

  • Craig

    “12!....I can upgrade three things!” You can only upgrade 2 things because 6 times 3 is 18

  • Leonid Buzevski
    Leonid Buzevski

    Camp cod

  • Loui Eriksson
    Loui Eriksson

    heavy sniper back to pubs please

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    Harry Townsend

    The first one is not even conned in div 7

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    Finn Bains

    Wow I actually just lost points and everyone knows about these landing spots


    thanks jerian thanks to u i got way better at the game and i always make it to endgame and always getting so much points!

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    Selim Samy

    8:02 “thats what she said”

  • Paderix

    19:00 Jerian, looks like you haven't got sleep

  • funnycheese135


    • funnycheese135


    • funnycheese135


  • Tempo on Keyz
    Tempo on Keyz

    I would never have compact cars contested…. Thanks jerian now I need to look for a new solo spot.

  • moddest

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  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson

    the best landing for season 6 is the shark 8 chests and 1 bunker chest

  • Izkanakiwi

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    Shane Springer

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    Yo jerian you really should take more care of yourself please bro it looks like you haven’t slept in weeks

  • Angel Rangel
    Angel Rangel

    Jerian: John wicks car Everyone else: it’s not John wicks car it’s a rocket Leyte car

  • FNF L2
    FNF L2


  • CCMN Films NERF
    CCMN Films NERF

    The point that he had 0 ping the whole time is insane

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    Suhaan Sehgal

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  • EpikFeji

    This helped me thanks man your the best have a good day hope everyone can live to another day

  • irmuunbna

    I landed john wicks house and got 2nd place in arena

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore

    Doesn't Jules also offer quests like collect piece to craft with, or craft weapons for gold: can't remember which one... but it's also extra gold to upgrade another weapon. Watched a couple of people land their and consistently come out with purple pump, and scar

  • Swerrvezz

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  • Dark Plays
    Dark Plays

    Bro I love the gas station so manny loot

  • Switchblade lol
    Switchblade lol

    For camp cod, another tip is to do Joules' challanges for more gold( they are really easy) to upgrade more weapons. There is also a bunker chest as well at the south house.

  • BALL Aw
    BALL Aw


  • Tute

    capo yo entiendo q estos spots son para wachines re pelotudos , pero aclarale a los pibitos q sin metal en un spot , vas a salir cogido

  • Ahmad Alkwadri
    Ahmad Alkwadri

    1:11 its the makeshit not makeshift

  • Forcer360

    I went mountain spire, after this came out, it was very contested, like, 4 people a game

  • Forcer360

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    piece ctrl claps

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    Quentin Norman

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    Javidan Taghizada

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    Tbh Bananas

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    Guys a little tip for camp cod do the challenge to collect mech parts you get 100 gold If you get 5 then do craft a weapon for more gold then find a grey makeshift ar and upgrade craft then boom you have guaranteed scar and pump thank me later

  • Taimur Lodhi
    Taimur Lodhi

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    x2 LEGENDS

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    Exa vibin

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    Al Alqatil

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  • T. Smith
    T. Smith

    My spot still ain’t been found out

  • SOL Ghostly
    SOL Ghostly

    The smaller towers with an ai at each one

  • Screw YT
    Screw YT

    At camp cod the middle house has 4 chest 2 regular or 3 a chance for 1 epic chest and a gauranteed however u spell it bunker chest

  • 2PlayboiAP

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    im cloud

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  • Fedde Onderdelinden
    Fedde Onderdelinden

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    You ruined my drop you content creator zexrov is better

  • Joshia Ch
    Joshia Ch

    My favorite is the gardien of the mountain

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  • Mike hawk Is not working
    Mike hawk Is not working

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    James Robson

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  • More Abzurrd
    More Abzurrd

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    Cash is crazy

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