This Guide Will BOOST Your FPS In Fortnite! - Drastically Improve Performance!
In this video, I go over an extremely helpful FPS Boost Guide for Fortnite Battle Royale from a tweaker named Adamx. The dude is an amazing PC Tweaker that created a basic Windows 10 Optimization guide with different tweaks and performance enhancements to help improve your PC's performance and get you more frames. I tried it myself and my FPS was a lot more consistent and even higher than it usually is when uncapped. The best part is, it doesn't involve doing anything sketchy, all it is are changes to your windows settings and nvidia settings to get your computer to run at the best as it can. So, if you're looking for one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost and get higher FPS in Fortnite, then this video will definitely help you out. On top of that, this video will help your game run better, optimize your PC and computer performance, and help you win more games in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.
AdamX Boost Pack:
Restart your PC after done applying the FPS Boost Pack!
0:00 Introduction
0:40 Graphics Drivers
4:37 Adamx Pack
5:22 Restore Point
6:17 Settings Tweaks
9:27 Power Tweaks
10:43 GPU Settings
12:30 Cleanup
13:26 Startup Apps
13:56 Local App Data
14:34 Adware Cleaner
15:21 How To Revert
15:58 Conclusion
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Mousepad - TheMousePadCompany Liquid_03 (Large)
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Headset - HyperX Cloud Alphas
Monitor - Dell Alienware AW2518H 25” 240Hz + ViewSonic XG2402 24" 144Hz
Mic - Shure SM7B + Cloudlifter CL-1 + FocusRite Scarlett Solo
Cam - Sony Alpha a6400 + Elgato Camlink
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  • mxxchie4x

    After i did this i cant edit on controller for some reason

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    Am I the only one who gets 60fps on 50% res and low graphics

  • SlintZ

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    Nixon S

    jerian: my fps hadn't been too bad me with a super laggy game with 10fps and a glider glitch: 😭

  • Mobin92

    What kind of nonsense is this? First he tells you to update to the newest driver, but then installs some version from 2020 because that's better? This is a waste of time kids. If your PC is struggling it's just bad... you can't really get any good experience even after you do all this.

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    Jonah Raymond

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  • BG Dave
    BG Dave

    Nvidia Broke their new drivers. Been having issues (Crashing, Blue Screens, Monitor shut offs, Low FPS) on my RTX 3070, my friend with his 2070 super, my friends with 1660/50s. Don't know anyone with older cards so yeah, but I am just going to stick to 457.51 until the new drivers come out, and I'm gonna test them, and hope they fix the issue.

  • Anton Poulsen
    Anton Poulsen


  • fraserdoig09 2
    fraserdoig09 2

    What is your pc specs plz reply


    the older nvidia driver wont download for me it says incompatible

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    • ApexTheRacer

      use the restore point you created

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    hey I need help people, I made this set up and my fps improved drastically but after the last update it went down again and I tried to update the game driver to the newest to see if it could work again but it is worst now, then i re-installed the old one (december) and still bad, how can i fix this, do i have to do all the steps again?

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      7k Cizy

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      Klaudius Klabaurtermann

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    7k Cizy

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    Friend the version of the cheat is already old, the new version of the cheat with anti-ban is already on my channel

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    i found this option in the epic games launcher, you go to your library and click on the 3-dots on fortnite and then click 'Options' there will be a check box named 'High Resolution Textures' which takes 16gb of your game, if you disable it. Your textures will be medium-low res thus increasing your fps. It also increases the storage space of your computer. If you already know this: Im just pointing it out.

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    Pt SnipeZzz

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      Klaudius Klabaurtermann

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    457.30 is better than 457.51

  • Offline Music
    Offline Music

    Hi Jerian... Its a great video and it drastically boosted my fps by a lot... But I have a issue... My fps have started dropping a lot and are not constant at all... If I crank too fast my fps even drop down to 5 fps lol... Can anyone please recommend something or shall I go and restore all the old settings from the restore point because my game has started feeling a lot more laggy especially when building very fast or in a fight... If anyone has any solution which does not involve any overclocking and is safe please recommend it... BTW I play on a laptop currently so idk if that's the problem... Thanks to anyone who read this whole message and tries to solve this issue... Keep up the work Jerian you make great vids...

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    Dullbyte 4557

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    Anthony Siebold

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    • Anthony Siebold
      Anthony Siebold

      @Devin Vieira don’t work for me. I just minimize my fans and full screen it again n it works

    • Devin Vieira
      Devin Vieira

      Keep pressing windows key on ur keyboard and it should show after like 10 secs

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    John Jr

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    • John Jr
      John Jr

      @Byzo an i9-10850k on an ASUS ROG STRIX Z490E motherboard is pretty high end. I said except for the GPU because of the scarcity going on right now. My monitor is 240 (overclockable to 280) and I still can't get consistent 240 fps. I wouldn't think that the 1060 gpu would be hampering my fps but that's what I was asking.

    • Byzo

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    Thomas Jones

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