The BEST New Settings In Fortnite! - Performance Mode Guide!
In this video, I showcase the best new settings in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Epic has finally fixed performance mode, meaning no more mobile builds, so I wanted to show off the best settings you should use on console and PC for the highest FPS. These include what Meshes settings to use (how to get bubble wrap builds), what textures, what rendering mode (Performance Mode vs DX12 vs DX11) as well as other graphic quality options. I also showed the best colorblind mode to see through the zone with performance mode that a ton of pro players have been using. So, if you're looking for the best new Fortnite settings to use to get more FPS and to make your game feel insanely good, then this video is definitely for you. On top of that, this video will compare performance mode to DirectX Version 12 (DX12), Version 11 (DX11), and give insight into all the changes or features that you should enable. Use the secret god colorblind mode and Nvidia Color Settings or else you're a noob. TabzG on top.
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  • Silentノ

    if you have 8gb of ram youll get a lot of fps drops using high meshes

  • Nandar

    I saw this guys above 600 fps me play performance mode with above 90 is more when alotof build just 54 xD

  • Rance Relevo
    Rance Relevo

    2:45 jerian megasus

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    Dylan Knip

    what do you do if you dont have a nvidia control panel

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    Anthony Thao

    Step sis: “What are you doing step bro?” ItsJerian: 2:44

  • Anthony Thao
    Anthony Thao

    It’s funny but it’s sooo sus at the same time 😂 also it will be awkward if you’re watching this with your family or friends or siblings etc also it depends who are you watching with

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    Kyle Davies

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    DR dexpar

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    Puja Singh

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    TZ TA

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    Meenakshi Garodia

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  • chomis1234

    How do i fix that my skins and builds are blury in normal game?

  • Liam Belaid
    Liam Belaid

    I don’t have a meshes

  • Hockey dude
    Hockey dude

    i love the bubble wrap builds i didn’t know what setting it was cause my builds looked like i was in mobile

    • Hockey dude
      Hockey dude


  • Worse

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  • smiteful

    "shut up and eat a cinnamon roll" -ItsJerian

  • Evin Bell
    Evin Bell

    i have a 800$ pc that runs 144fps but whenever i do performance mode it looks like i’m on mobile anyone know how i can fix it

    • Edwin Melo
      Edwin Melo

      turn "meshes" on in fort settings

  • Epd442 12
    Epd442 12

    Should I still use high textures on performance mode ?

  • Toshiki Kobayashi
    Toshiki Kobayashi

    4:20 I was eating a cinimon roll at that time

  • Toshiki Kobayashi
    Toshiki Kobayashi

    Me: who plays on 200 fps even though I play on performance mode

  • johannomg123

    how to turn meshes to high?

  • Dopez _19
    Dopez _19

    i unchecked the box but it still doesn’t work

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    Velocity YT


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    OT pop

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    OT pop

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    adrian jose

    Don't say mobile fortnite is ugly :( i have been feeling FPS drops/Pain for 2 years playing fortnite :(

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    George Dorrian

    my name is T-Bone4444 just give me whatever i use ur code now

  • Oz 1
    Oz 1

    2:45 I understood

  • Jimmy Andrade
    Jimmy Andrade

    Hey what's up ? Can someone help me, I want to know how to see the ms of inputlag that I have as it appears in the video that has 5 ms of delay, not ping. From input lag help me please

  • Mattxhew _
    Mattxhew _

    Can someone tell me why Epic can't add it on console, this mode is amazing 😫

  • Mattxhew _
    Mattxhew _

    I freaking want to use this setting, but I play on console. It's really sad, that Epic doesn't care about console players. Console players save no settings. I really want to have many fps, but I can't. Do you know how to show that we need it. I don't know why Epic favors pc players. They banned Apple players, so they had to switch to console (me) and I think they should add more graphics setting for console, cuz why not, why they can't? I really hope that they will add performance mode although.

  • Stoobz247

    why does Fortnite not give me bubble wrap builds

    • h. m
      h. m

      It hates u...?

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    itsJerian acting sus with bubble wrap builds

  • itzkey tho
    itzkey tho

    my bubble wrap builds dont work :( :( :(


    How did you get your meshes to go on!??

  • The Warrior
    The Warrior

    For some reason its not letting me get the bubbles rap builds even though I have it at high meshes. Do you know why?

    • Strax

      Try putting motion blur off that may help

  • Léo Kremer
    Léo Kremer

    Is this even possible now?

  • Eric

    9:45 LMFAO

  • Patirity

    Me as a s box player at 60 FPS 😩

  • trtk

    mobile builds are worth couse with them i jumped from 60fps to 120 :)

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  • D1 AnBu
    D1 AnBu

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  • BruhNastyOSRS

    when I put on performance mode on and restart my game it just defaults back to direct X 11...any ideas?

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    Andrew Morgan

    I don't like your videos

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      Drewzma Kappa

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    pro robloxer

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    Zuper veri 5


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  • مطلق علي
    مطلق علي

    it didn't change to bubble even though i have 16 gb ram (HELP)

  • Trizzy

    0 ping 700 fps

  • Lewisツ

    On creative, my builds look good but in a game even on meshes high- I have mobile graphics

    • Bryce T
      Bryce T

      @Lewisツ 16GB is good, I don’t know much about pcs but I’m sure you can get your problem fixed on IRbin

    • Lewisツ

      @Bryce T I thought 16gb was good

    • Bryce T
      Bryce T

      Could be a problem with not having enough ram

    • santiagoo

      bro same my trees don’t even load in did u fix it

  • exzit yt
    exzit yt

    Its jerian is sus

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    Yianni Mihalios



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    HJCK FaZe ikon co-leader Nuke

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    i have my meshes on high but i dont have bubble wrap builds. PLEASE HELP

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    Haxxan Yt

    I used performance mode And It was Amazing I had all High setting on alpha and I updated my graphics card and it looks Dog 🐶 like why

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    DwNy FN


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    NRG ep¡Bro

    Is It for console too?

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    Jerian wenever I put my textures on high with performance mode it makes everything look like plastic and have no texture at all but any lower the game looks bad please find I fix I have been looking everywhere!!

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    Pothead Pikachu

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      jw shelton

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    andrea kuqani

    i don't feel like even an rtx 3090 and the last ryzen cpu can crack 700 fps and i don't think that a 2080 ti can do the same Btw just guessing for gpu

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    Ethan Tran

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  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson

    I think that it is dumb how performance mode can be on pc and nothing and I get why but they first nerf aim assist hard and now we can't get performance mode now I respect all platforms but that is just annoying have good day/night to you all

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    Absolute Weirdo

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    im nobody


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    Simas Valanciunas

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    Its navy

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    • Niclas Rachel
      Niclas Rachel

      you have to set the render mode to "Performance Alpha" - Apply, close your game, start it again and the Option will be there