Stop Missing Your Shotgun Shots! - Fortnite Aim Tips & Tricks!
My Updated Shotgun Course: 2840-3742-9307
Raider's Aim Duel Map: 6120-6647-4515
SkavooK's Aim Trainer: 8022-6842-4965
In this video, I give some tips and tricks to help you guys improve your shotgun aim. The last time I madea shotgun aim guidde like this was around 9 months. Since then, a ton has changed, including the removal of everyone’s favorite shotgun, the pump. Now that I think about it actually, that video was mainly about how to improve your pump aim. I didn’t talk much about the tac, charge, or lever. Thus, after getting a ton DMs from you guys asking me to make an updated shotgun aim guide, also me just wanting to improve my own aim, here the heck it is. What I’m gonna do is give some tips to improve your shotgun, some useful shotgun courses, and then finish off with some Kovaak’s routines. I’m also gonna expand on my last shotgun aim video, since not every thing is still applicable. So, if you're looking for a helpful shotgun aim guide with tons of tips and tricks as well as useful in game aim trainers and creative courses, then this is definitely the video for you. On top of that, this video will show you how to hit more shots and do more damage in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 5 and beyond!
0:00 Introduction
0:41 Shotgun Aim Tips
4:28 Aim Duels
6:44 Skavook's Aim Training Drills
10:10 My Shotgun Course
14:17 KovaaK's Drills
17:45 Conclusion
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    Kaleb’ Richardson

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  • Kaleb’ Richardson
    Kaleb’ Richardson

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    Evil Mortal

    can someone tell me like if i do this in szn 6 shud i do it with a pump or a tac ( like pump has a slow hit rate so it maybe difficult )

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    My problem is that mechanically im ok but aimwise im pretty bad, always in a fight i always flick, its a bad habitude but i cant help it, and when i dont flick i can land a decent shot sometimes, but i dont blame myself, i play on a tv on 60hz 1280x798 10ms response time, saving money for a 144hz monitor now, hope that will help

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    TTV GoBlueHTB

    It’s funny because he made a video to update with the “new” shotgun meta featuring tacs, levers, dragons breath, and charge shotguns, and then a few days later all of the above were vaulted and replaced with Makeshift, Pump, and Primal. Guess we’ll need a new video going in depth about makeshift and primal and the pros/cons of primal vs pump.

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    een stom dom kind oof

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    Joseph Knudsen

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