So I Challenged My BIGGEST HATER To A 1v1... (Fortnite)
In this video, I challenged my biggest hater to a 1v1 in Fortnite. By this point, most of you guys should know about the beef I have with TSM ZexRow. It started over a year ago on Twitter, and since then we have been arch enemies. Today, however, that beef comes to an end. I decided to play some arena with Zex, do some 1v1s in creative build battles as well as zone wars, and put him to the test to see how good he is. Let me know who I should challenge to a 1v1 next down below!
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  • HDNgocrazy

    In sorry but the outro made me think I hade ants on my screen for a sec

  • X1phe

    zexrows washed ur just the better player

  • Snipz

    lolll I clicked on this and a free vbucks scam ad popped up

  • 09 dampar
    09 dampar

    How can you even have haters your the best

  • zFade

    Zexroe nah sexroe

  • icy Flyxッ
    icy Flyxッ

    Jerian: Before I go out I just wanna say.....oh my you are high up!

  • Vicki Shetter
    Vicki Shetter

    OMG best thumbnail ever couldnt stop laughing LUV U JERIEN

  • Ruinz BlurX2
    Ruinz BlurX2

    I have around his arena points I just need the 9 to put in front of my 400 😊

  • Juan Djajadi
    Juan Djajadi

    7:52 lololol little beef with plal i guess

  • Cryv.

    2:10 lol

  • Skull cris
    Skull cris

    yo got destroyed

  • Frosted_Mints

    i hate his intro

  • FBI OPEN UP . pls
    FBI OPEN UP . pls

    REM when calc beamed zex and killed him in dreamhack

  • Dino Babez
    Dino Babez

    I’m am a hater u look ugly

  • Gustavo Henrique Rosa
    Gustavo Henrique Rosa

    I liked the thumbnail

  • NXR plague
    NXR plague

    The fact that they are laughing 😂 LMAO

  • Parkour Master 0
    Parkour Master 0

    it was 9 months ago my guy

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed


    • Omar Mohamed
      Omar Mohamed


  • SL SL
    SL SL

    Dang they call this beef bro this seems like me talking to my friends

  • Slxsh_

    you should trio with Mackwood and Zex lmao

  • Ollie Plays
    Ollie Plays

    They seem to enjoy playing with each other

  • GM_Breez specker
    GM_Breez specker

    it looks like they dont half any beaf (:

  • RTX NotHyper
    RTX NotHyper

    so bad

  • L_Xcc2

    mmmm beef

  • Ferlax Gaming
    Ferlax Gaming

    Imagine die and say: “ oh my game frozen “ Jerian: no your just bad, papa jerian just carried you a win.

  • Motor Maniacs
    Motor Maniacs

    Jerian be the new Ali-A 😂

  • dripez Fn
    dripez Fn

    My worst fear came true THERE BECOMING FRIENDS

  • Wainaina W.
    Wainaina W.

    add some color vibrance

  • 1dr15

    Jerian is god at game

  • Voltic

    0:11 lmaoo

  • Villan FN
    Villan FN

    jerian was a little too toxic tbh

  • Callum Patto
    Callum Patto

    Who thinks jerian is slow

  • Don't do drugs
    Don't do drugs

    "I will clean your chicken" -ItsJerian 2021

  • Jeremiah Milhorn
    Jeremiah Milhorn

    Ay Juventus

  • Blankiez

    HE KNOWS TOO MUCH The pros are goanna hire a hitman to get jerian because he is exposing too mich

  • Slax Turtlezz
    Slax Turtlezz

    I have never heard Zexrows voice before this

  • SupremeWrath

    Jerian gets one kill Jerian: Oh my god we are goated Jerian sees zexrow getting one kill: Oh My god you're a pyscho!

  • Kmoney

    Luv u jerian

  • Soag Go
    Soag Go

    They sound happy when they play

  • kh_studios

    That thumbnail though 😴

  • Slllyy

    00:3 bro this dude literally has no upper lip. I’m not even kidding wtf is that. Like yours vids but wtfff

  • Braden

    the moment we have all been waiting for

  • Rayan ay Non
    Rayan ay Non

    Why do you guys seem like best friends lmao 😂 New tittle: I challenged my best friend to a 1v1

  • Hectic

    Zexrow is the happiest playing with Jerian

  • Tarsler

    "He called me out on Facebook" *SHOWS TWITTER*

  • Ruby Lakhman
    Ruby Lakhman

    I use the same keybinds as you for building except the cone

  • Seetopvfx


  • Sushiii

    This man more free then a public toilet

  • OG Gaming
    OG Gaming

    I've been watching b4 you blew up you're an awesome youtuber. Wanna 1v1 I would box you like fish lmaooooo

    • OG Gaming
      OG Gaming

      I play console lol

  • Liam Kress
    Liam Kress

    the beef on twitter is obviously just banter

  • NotJaceee

    Now THIS is insane content

  • Defaultyy

    Ur face doe 🤣

  • Owen Edwards
    Owen Edwards

    Plot twist they trio in season 6

  • 2x Focus
    2x Focus

    zexrow is so bad i can 7 0 him i will clip him and i mess around when i go for clips

  • typhlosion787

    Glad the fake beef is being settled. It's sad to see it go because it was funny as shit, but oh well.

  • nak0

    Boxed like a zoo animal

  • Ryiut

    Jerian looking like a disney channel bully in the thumbnail.

  • CyCon720

    Imagine hating my boy jerian

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    Fuck zexroe

  • Aaron Glastetter
    Aaron Glastetter

    I was 💀 since the video started lmao u should watch my videos hahah

  • Tomás Hooper
    Tomás Hooper


  • meme mistake
    meme mistake

    i thought this was gonna be waaaayyy more toxic but almost the whole time they acted like f in best friends

  • pxllow

    clapped love u jerian

  • Fisher-osu!



    another episode "boomer runs out of content" JK dont take it serious

  • FaZe sways dog
    FaZe sways dog

    8:30 rip

  • bounty

    They didn't seem like they have beef

  • Outcast Flxkez
    Outcast Flxkez

    He said ”oh your playing like plalism”sorry jerian but you would get sh t on by plalism

    • rowan m
      rowan m

      Shut up

  • Iso frosty BTW
    Iso frosty BTW

    Me and him have mad beef next thing you know they have the nicest conversation ever😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😭😭

  • Max Saidai
    Max Saidai

    The obese pruner thessaly grease because mattock weekly jump across a icky sprout. brash, grubby gruesome table

  • Ben Hawk
    Ben Hawk

    Imagine complaining about 0 ping when running 5. I got 40 n I’d run your wallet 🏃‍♂️

  • swif1x __
    swif1x __

    Yeah zexrow call you out on Facebook lol

  • Phephegamer

    Normal people: warm up in 1v1 and creative to get ready for arena Jerian: warm up in arena to get ready for 1v1s and creative

  • Phephegamer

    How to become a pro and get in any clan: _watch Jerian_

    • Max Mustermann kauft 500 Melonen
      Max Mustermann kauft 500 Melonen

      Start beef with zexrow Start a YT channel and get 1 mill subs

  • Wrath

    R u sure about that

  • Toknn

    ‘Your boxfight videos helped me heaps’ ~ Zexrow Quotes never lie 🤣

  • Revolzy

    I never knew ZexRow was that positive LoL

  • Hama Knaissi
    Hama Knaissi

    You are noobie

  • Hama Knaissi
    Hama Knaissi

    You dont deserve the 240 fps

  • Hama Knaissi
    Hama Knaissi

    You just dont deserve thé 240 FPS and 240 Hz and 7 ping Noooobie

  • david myers
    david myers

    You're such a goof 🥴🥴

  • kxnda.

    Wow Zexrow just stop embarrassing urself like lmao

  • Jinx

    zexrow a big boy now

  • Lorenzo Blackston
    Lorenzo Blackston

    Zexrow is so dog water.

  • Danny Mulappon
    Danny Mulappon

    it feels like jerian became way more trash since i havent watched him maybe for 7-8 months tbh

  • mark

    7:53 plalism got roasted 😂

  • S6 Revert
    S6 Revert

    Yeah Yeah

  • Bobthebuilder

    POV: you have never touched a woman in your life

    • Mythical

      POV: you don't have a life and trash at the game.

  • Jaiden Halbert
    Jaiden Halbert

    Here’s names u can call Zexrow if he calls u names. Zexthrow if he throughs or when u box him like a fish and snakerow if he steels ur loot and kills. Also this is me speaking for NRG Unknown !!!... have fun pi**ing off Zexthrow (^-^)

  • sfialko

    Plot twist they got beef faking lessons from Ksi and w2s

  • Alejandro Baro
    Alejandro Baro

    yo JERIAN you should review the 990 pro headphones that every pro has??

  • Muhammad Farzam
    Muhammad Farzam

    Jerian has soo much beef with zex , he should be a cow

  • Ruby Jackson
    Ruby Jackson

    LMAO Zex was knocking and try harding the shitter ahahahaha

  • Pyrox

    make a best players of season 5 vid

  • Fusi

    Try to react to Tonz he is insane

  • Itz DarkSpirit
    Itz DarkSpirit

    bassically u got clapped by zexrow



  • Not Slick
    Not Slick

    ur voice is so relaxing

  • ZvLS TeraByte
    ZvLS TeraByte

    you guys seem pretty vibin you should be his friend

  • Levin

    In Germany we say:" Bei Seite, Geringverdiener!"