Fortnite Training Methods To ELEVATE Your Game! - Become A PRO!
In this video, I show off a bunch of secret training techniques that only pro utilize. Now, unlike the normal creative map videos you’re used to, these practice methods are new and unique. That means no generic aim trainers, no boring edit courses, no useless building drills, none of that crap. Everything I’m gonna show here today will actually help you improve, and are actually utilized by top tier pros. These include new box fighting maps such as Martoz Turtle Wars, insane new ways to practice the early game and off spawn fights, as well as the new creative practice game mode that every pro is obsessed with, 50 man zone wars. I show how to start your own 50 man zone wars as well as how to get into really stacked ones that can replace solo scrims. Check the discord down below for endgame simulator stackers!
Endgame Simulator Discord:
Martoz Box Fight Turtle Wars: 1513-6690-9481
BHE Creative Fill: 8064-7152-2934
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