Playing Arena On EVERY FPS In Fortnite! (not clickbait)
In this video, I play champion league arena on every FPS in Fortnite. You guys may have seen similar videos to this by Ryft or Flea where they edit fast and 1v1 on every FPS, but what you haven't seen is that same concept applied to arena. Basically what I'm gonna do is play a game on 30 FPS, another game on 60 FPS, and then go all the way up to 360 FPS. For each frame value and arena game I'll play, I will try to describe the difference and compare each (ex: 144 FPS vs 60 FPS, 240 FPS vs 144 FPS). Hopefully I can win a game on each FPS value. Remember, though, it is champion league arena which means winning on 30 FPS is insanely hard. So, if you guys are looking to see arena gameplay on every FPS from 30 to 360, then this video is definitely for you. On top of that, this video will compare and show you the difference between 144 FPS, 240 FPS, 360 FPS, as well as 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Let me know what FPS you guys get in-game and creative.
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  • Alex_

    So we just not going to take about 7:08🤨

  • Awp тяιρρηス
    Awp тяιρρηス

    jo its funny how i play 30 fps on a 10 year old pc i think

  • John Carlo V. Zuño
    John Carlo V. Zuño

    I play on 30fps becauce im on switch ahhaha

  • XxradicalXx

    Ngl the 30fps looks like play dough

  • Scully Boy
    Scully Boy

    This is how many times he said FPS 👇🏻

  • Cxltures

    Jerian is it bad that I use left shift for wall I just feel like im the only one who does that

  • Hadi_ gamer
    Hadi_ gamer

    me playing on 60 fps on a pc: I really need a better pc if you want to support me my tiktok is Hadibunni123 it is a very cringe name

  • james killer
    james killer

    buy a 360Hz monitoir

  • FUS1ON_ R3X
    FUS1ON_ R3X

    I used to play on 30 fps and I got 21 kills

  • V9 Clover
    V9 Clover

    He skipped 120 FPS

  • Khizer Ali
    Khizer Ali

    I am on switch so I have to play on 30fps

  • Itz Cryzz
    Itz Cryzz

    7:01 AYO?!?

  • Catal


  • goos

    Man saying 60fps is bad. I play 60fps every day I dont have a choice 😂😅😢

  • Nelly Assadourian
    Nelly Assadourian

    He says no clickbait even though he skip 120 fps

  • Cameron Page
    Cameron Page

    Me: Mum what can i do? Mum: Play with the neigbours kid *The neighbours kid* 9:39

  • Rex

    Jerisn ı am playing every day on 30 fps

  • erik

    You should play arena on every input

  • Mingi

    I wanna se a video about a 360 hz moniter 😃

  • Jxst Crimson
    Jxst Crimson

    As a nintendo arena player its honestly not that hard to get used to those frames

  • I Play Games And Stuff
    I Play Games And Stuff

    i will like to say my switch 30 fps is not that bad

  • GH. FragsFN
    GH. FragsFN

    Bro I was listening to music during this and all his shots and edits and everything was on the beat and it sounded like a montage

  • That_kid_joshy

    Just seeing the number 30 fps just wants me to throw up 30 fps on mobile and switch is actually smooth but 30 fps on pc is just ass disgusting disgraceful and overall just terrible

  • VerticalSZN

    how tf do you have 360fps?

  • io gaming
    io gaming

    2:18 *"Safe at risky"*

  • Poggai

    Bruh how did 30fps made my aim so good

  • EvZ PlayZ
    EvZ PlayZ

    Jerian: 30FPS is so bad Me: ( *cries in 25FPS* )

  • ThatsFrosty

    I have 30 fps 24/7 because my pc doodoo

  • Kowen Stokes
    Kowen Stokes

    You’re just so ugly

  • Tarja Rolston
    Tarja Rolston

    I play 60

    • Tarja Rolston
      Tarja Rolston


  • Benjamin Dean
    Benjamin Dean

    Its so bigg!!😂

  • A L
    A L

    Anybody play on pc, but run on 30fps because their pc is a toaster?

  • Perks

    like if ut 144 fps


    I play on switch which is 30fps

    • Z4FR0N

      You should've gotten a ps4 pro its much more cheap the switch

  • Kin6Wilson

    Skips 120 🥺

  • zapeyyy

    Jerian: ‘The 60fps delay😫’ Me: playing keyboard and mouse with average 30 ping and 15ms of input delay on ps4

  • skiouros

    IRbin: How many ads to you want? Jerian:Yes

  • Theo Miragliotta
    Theo Miragliotta

    “I think im gonna try land safe at Risky” 😂

    • mohammedisa ansari
      mohammedisa ansari


  • v_z_x

    7:08 sus

  • Saiyan King
    Saiyan King

    It isn’t bad on switch with 30 FPS

  • QuirkyWaffle420

    I play on 30 fps

  • Marwan Khraim
    Marwan Khraim

    Play on every ping

  • Rxse

    I play 30 fps with 140 ping

  • Loch Toch
    Loch Toch

    I’m on 30 FPS in champs

  • its jake here
    its jake here

    You can do a channel that was the sensetivity. Is. 0 anndd aafter a killll you make it more

  • Outcast Clapz
    Outcast Clapz

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  • Clapp ツ
    Clapp ツ

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    7:08 😲

  • Viktor Dahlgren
    Viktor Dahlgren

    love your skin:)

  • NA Cyncro
    NA Cyncro

    title playing on every fps jerian skipping 120 frames

  • G e n n a
    G e n n a

    Im good with my 144hz/fps man

  • Trustyyy


  • Ted Patston
    Ted Patston

    They removed bubble wrap builds by accident please trie

  • sacred fn ツ
    sacred fn ツ

    7:08 yoooooo that was kinda sus

  • Switchblade lol
    Switchblade lol

    Nintendo switch players be like: Why is he so bad on 30.

  • iLht_Crunchy

    No 120 FPS?

  • Samuel Richardson
    Samuel Richardson

    The textures looked bad because if you try to use higher quality textures on 120 FPS and below it doesn't look as good so you're better off using low textures

  • Ziad Hesham
    Ziad Hesham


  • superbowserlogan

    Imagine skipping 120 fps 😑

  • doshx on 60fps
    doshx on 60fps

    you got shit on by mobile player 4:23

  • Rico Kandi
    Rico Kandi

    u wanna say champion league has less player in the final zone than contender league?

  • Buncke on yt
    Buncke on yt

    Yo I have to deal with 30 FPS

  • Truly vynx .1k
    Truly vynx .1k

    Jerian your one of my idols when it comes to this game can I one v one you

  • fyren

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  • Cortexa _FN
    Cortexa _FN

    guys when i change to performence mode it shows me 4 green cubes and screen is shaking..... can somebody help me? please?...

  • ItsRacs

    5,000 comment

  • Silent Deku
    Silent Deku

    1:21 This is what I have to play with, yet people who have +240 FPS call me a bot when I kill them like wut

  • Shyam Radia
    Shyam Radia

    Me stuck on 30 fps Jerian:my eyes hurt

  • Vertexee

    "I'm not capping.. Well technically I am"

  • brallito

    Me playing on 30 FPS and a 40 hz monitor

  • Ethan's Own World
    Ethan's Own World

    Jerian:on 30 fps! I literally play on 30 fps

  • Vaxify

    jerian:I HAVE MORE PING THAN FPS me on 90 ping and 60 ps4 60 fps:pathetic

  • Clio V
    Clio V

    what PC do you have

  • ItzSugarr

    0:05 This is why i dont play fortnite anymore

  • L_Xcc2

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  • Platinum2903

    Why’d you skip 120

  • Hiro YT
    Hiro YT

    i play fortnite on 12 FPS :((((, imagine bieng me

  • ZynakFN

    I’m 12 and can’t afford 240 hz monitor or a nicer pc feelsbadman

  • Drome RD
    Drome RD

    New challenge: play using the mouse with your left hand and the keyboard in the right hand! In simple words if you are left handed play like right handed do!

  • Alpher 0308
    Alpher 0308

    first time huh? on 30 fps

  • Islam Waleed
    Islam Waleed

    I am on 30 fps and I am better lol

  • hitachi2007

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  • Ciaran

    Bro I play 30 FPS every day and I drop 10 kills every arena game

  • Raidzz FN
    Raidzz FN

    Is it just me or if his mechanics were better he would be in div 10

  • AfterMath

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  • Crave Rave
    Crave Rave

    Jerian: 60 FPS is pretty good my aim is so much better than 30 FPS Then blames it on his textures lol

  • Crave Rave
    Crave Rave

    Jerian: Uses 30, 60, 144, 240, 360 FPS 120, 160, 165, 180, 200 FPS: Am I a joke to you

  • Not Wraith.
    Not Wraith.

    Why is your profile pic a black guy if your white? Not to be racist : )

  • CheeseBurgerComedy

    I Play on a 60hz TV Everyday...

  • YeshuaAgapao

    My brain can't go that fast. It is content with 20FPS and probably can benefit from at most 60FPS.

  • Instantistic

    Guess how many times he said fps🤔

  • Xen Zaxii
    Xen Zaxii

    When I play 30 FPS and I’m good

  • scep

    240fps doesn't suck just you

  • scep

    i play on 120 and when i put my texture on low it fixes the textures

  • retrotrident

    ur better on 144 fps *laugh emoji*


    I think you have low gpu utilization issue Because rtx 3090 can easily achieve 360 fps in creative island

  • Atlantis Cupid
    Atlantis Cupid

    I am on 30 FPS I play on switch why u roast me

  • mqure

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  • Samyak Chhabra
    Samyak Chhabra

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  • DefineltyN0Tjt

    Is it just me or when he said 7,700 arena points, I thought he had 77,000. 🤔