I Hired A PRO FaZe Coach For The Solo Cash Cup! - Fortnite Battle Royale
In this video, I play a solo cash cup while being coached by a professional Fortnite coach. The coach I hired is FaZe Destiny aka DestinysJesus. I've seen other coaching videos recently, so since I suck in solo tournaments and events like the solo cash cup, I thought why not hired a pro FaZe Coach. Make sure to check out Destiny's channel as well! Reddit's favorite duo.
FaZe Destiny: irbin.info/both/q2e11BxnMFk3C2x5a9g9SA
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My Setup:
Mouse - Endgame Gear XM1 (White)
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Headset - HyperX Cloud Alphas
Monitor - Dell Alienware AW2518H 25” 240Hz + ViewSonic XG2402 24" 144Hz
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Cam - Sony Alpha a6400 + Elgato Camlink
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  • Liam Soorma
    Liam Soorma

    Why do people treat this game like an actual sport

  • chip

    i respect the 69 gold at the beggining

  • Michele Caulfieldeygruuuiyguyyyrefchhiikn
    Michele Caulfieldeygruuuiyguyyyrefchhiikn

    What’s wrong with his. Head and eyes

  • Skyz

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  • Big Flopper
    Big Flopper

    Papa Jerian never misses hair day 😎

  • Zele_Gavin

    Arabs thumbnails😂

  • Jayden On YouTube
    Jayden On YouTube

    Who else thinks the coach sounds like mongral

  • NinjaGamer10

    Isn’t jerian a different region to benjy

  • jus

    lol i thought i was good at comp when i got top 100 in a tourney jerian just piece controled my comp skills with his placements

  • oSydd

    11:33 ignore me water ballooning myself 😂

  • Rex

    Jerian: hires coach. Coach: dont fight this. Jerian: Did i ask?!?!?!

  • Bob muffin
    Bob muffin

    He got 69 bars

  • Jonathan G. Michael
    Jonathan G. Michael

    maybe if he acually got zone

  • Evan R. Giel
    Evan R. Giel

    papa jerian: that guy bounced on me youtube demonityzation: HipiittiePopatie this video is my property

  • Leo Svanbom
    Leo Svanbom

    I think you could be a pro

  • NOT_ FADE09
    NOT_ FADE09

    I learned about the bush lol

  • Gwertx

    can we get a HOLLY counter right here

  • Robo 123
    Robo 123

    it is my birtday

  • Nick Geo
    Nick Geo

    I remember destinysjesus from r/fortnitecompetitive a couple of years ago

  • barney

    9:13 “your Indian almost”

  • Mark Leathert
    Mark Leathert

    Jerian can I use your bush for arena my guy it’s god my guy

  • Jexxy Is cool
    Jexxy Is cool


  • Johnny Double
    Johnny Double

    Papa Jerian

  • Liban Abdi
    Liban Abdi

    Jerian bush

  • Brain k Shuman
    Brain k Shuman


  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill

    Why does Jeremy look so tired?

  • Durag Kris
    Durag Kris

    He’s a terrible coach we need Arab in dis bihh

  • NU77AN watches HENTAI
    NU77AN watches HENTAI

    U should of let yourfellowarab coach u he is so good at it

  • Dmode

    Arena god

  • Marian Pandele
    Marian Pandele

    All good until he smiles

  • BMR DillPickles
    BMR DillPickles


  • Comp

    I played cash cup on console and got top 1200 I had 51 points in 3 games and starated lagging but at least I griefed Vagner but he still got 200$

  • d4rk marine
    d4rk marine

    Yo would’ve had more points if you didn’t get kick for an invisible wall

  • Bikelife n1ck
    Bikelife n1ck

    2:13 that was me in the kill feed i beamed some kid off height lol

  • YoFire

    Daddy jerian winning cash cups

  • Inloading

    You talk weird asf and when u talk u make to many face expressions and look slow asf so like a little girl and look stiff asf

  • NotTwiit

    Jerian better delete the video or people will check

  • Boneless

    I love your voice

  • MonkeyBrainz

    When a head coach of FaZe says your a "piece controll master' u know that u have true potential.

  • Cortex _
    Cortex _

    Bruh you have more money in earnings than i have in bank money

  • -Nave


  • Stew.

    I LOVE U

  • SZN Vayp
    SZN Vayp

    “Help me reach my goal to 500 subs”

  • SZN Vayp
    SZN Vayp

    “Help me reach my goal to 500 subs”

  • inflay

    who else came from this is one and this is two it’s called math

  • Leo Lawrence
    Leo Lawrence

    Can you add memy name is Ieo I

  • Wildcard 999
    Wildcard 999

    Why are hating on clawzy

  • Craig Berry
    Craig Berry


  • ThatGreekArchitect

    Ok legit that was the best peace of content you have uploaded in a while if nto ever. The converastion when you sat on the bush and the minute after is pure gold.

  • Nick Foles
    Nick Foles

    Mans got a lifetime 4.67 kd and acts like he’s bad

  • ישראל שלום
    ישראל שלום


  • moochieSZN

    have arab coach u


    This dude mad weird

  • conmoo

    I was at 69th at one point above Commandment and had 3 less games! I ended up retiring too XD.

    • vayzwyd

      Do u mind checking out my recent montage would me a lot and any feedback would be appreciated. Hope your staying safe

  • Markus Grodt
    Markus Grodt


  • 999 Lapras
    999 Lapras

    Jerian the god bush camper

  • MaskMan Pro
    MaskMan Pro

    gg bro

  • Reef _
    Reef _

    Coach: Go left Jerian: Goes right

  • Rixz

    The fortnite coach got coached

  • Nifty N
    Nifty N

    Im sorry but your eyes are telling me you sleep less jerian, please take proper rest.

  • Cotem LD
    Cotem LD

    Invisible wall kicked out I’m goin to the bathroom

  • Kevon

    I got 356 place I’m onna come up

  • IKON-RAYDYT A&G videos
    IKON-RAYDYT A&G videos

    Good job! I'm going to make a which shotgun is best video tomorrow

  • Boxzd

    Above faze dubs, wow He's washed

  • Nk

    Papi jerian

  • Mеlody

    "I'm too old for this" 💀


    Me no longer playin fn Me also still watching it

  • Mopilo

    When you get a fortnite x avengers ad

  • sqwerv graal
    sqwerv graal

    jerian doesnt like listening lmao

  • Venge :-
    Venge :-

    U should 1v1 jivan tv

  • ChrisXtophers

    this was the first cashcup ive ever played in, i only got to play 6 out of my ten games (I STARTED SUPER LATE LOL) but i ended up within top 300 with like 79 points i think.... so keep posting these videos they really help me with learning how play in certain scenarios

  • Ellen Kaleikini
    Ellen Kaleikini

    10:50 ummmm

  • Arctic Fn
    Arctic Fn

    I want to get coached by him

  • LIl KING
    LIl KING

    merci je suis for mainttenat moi adorrer videeos tpoi bb

  • DARk

    i tried to give fn a chance after all the hate all the bs I continued to play it bc it was fun but after all the bullshit I just witnessed in a creative fill lobby I'm never playing it again I stg

  • zqnsy

    I came top 200 in this on oce. Hate all you want but that's good for me!

  • Hans Kiesau
    Hans Kiesau

    He lol uffj

  • b12_ _master
    b12_ _master

    Yo papa jerian 1v1 zemie if u can he pritty good and i use your code every day

  • peyton on pc plays fortnite
    peyton on pc plays fortnite

    you good for a boomer

  • vrrticl-

    Hey jerian,I got a box fighting move i need to show you. My epic is: vrrticl-

  • ShinigamiFN

    fr though you should try osu lol

  • Heynolan!

    Can you coach me I’m really bad

  • Luken Dippenaar
    Luken Dippenaar

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  • Gradygnar

    My friend here jerian he’s already taken and he’s craaaaaaaked at fortnite my guy

  • Shadows

    Destiny: dont fight this dont fight this jerian: continues to key the guy

  • Camden McCarty
    Camden McCarty

    ItsJerian better then FaZe Dubs ❓

  • Sync

    look at his gold 0:15

  • Devyn Nicholson
    Devyn Nicholson

    Jerian 1v1 me your so trash you think your the one who created piece control actually it was piece control Kyle. stop ducking me


    Bro my mans a 1:41 made a port a fort


    Dubs is worse that zaynszn

  • Demoi Page
    Demoi Page


  • Arbirt 516
    Arbirt 516

    Yo .. jarian is better that dubs he should have been in the world cup and slam everyone in the FACE

  • Siddhartha Das
    Siddhartha Das

    I want you to make a video on what are the best aiming habits you should have I personally have very good aim but I miss a lot of shots when my in-game character is literally touching the other character and it's a big problem especially if you play km I know the best to do is to maintain a bit of distance from the enemy but it's very hard to put into practice cuz most of the enemies they just try to come as close to our character as much as they can So can you please make a video about it Please

  • mangxs

    VIDEO IDEA: its jerian coaches me in a solo cash cup

  • Tobias Berg Thorsager
    Tobias Berg Thorsager

    12.04 Jerian running 150-200 fps in end game scrims... Me vibing with my 50 fps on 144 hz

  • Farmer Buck
    Farmer Buck

    Jerians next vid is “playing with Justin and he his cracked!”

  • Vann Blakely28
    Vann Blakely28

    Can you look up my fortnight name

  • greenron

    lot off cuts

  • Youthful qt
    Youthful qt

    Please can you do a video on how to get high gold in arena to by the storm scout

  • Yetzzy

    Jerian playing at 0 ping is EZ, but me and my Colombian boys we play at 80 ping in the cash cup and gets what I got kill 4 matches in a row by a kid that takes my wall first try and puts a cone in it at the same type he puts the wall