I Competed In The FIRST Tournament Of Season 6! - Fortnite Battle Royale
In this video, I played in the first major Epic hosted tournament of Chapter 2 Season 6. This tournament was the Bragging Rights Tournament for trios. I played with my normal trio that I played with for FNCS, Takened and Rys. This event was a ton of fun and I had a blast competing in the first actual tournament of Season 6. I believe Cash Cups, FNCS, and other cups like the Hype Cup are coming back soon so let me know which tournaments in Season 6 I should play in. Also let me know what you thought of the gameplay as I think I have been improving a lot in competitive and my trio is getting better as well! Go check them out.
Takened: irbin.info/both/zLi_O92e322pXfATxF943g
Rys: irbin.info/both/JQwxQ-kZKBHe6S3bNENLDQ
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Song: Chill Piano Drake Type Trap Beat "Monaco" by OZSOUND
Artist: irbin.info/both/GJPRihgyqYtjMQciQv6IHg
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My Setup:
Mouse - Endgame Gear XM1r (Black)
Mousepad - TheMousePadCompany Liquid_03 (Large)
Keyboard - SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (Actuation: 1)
Headset - HyperX Cloud Alphas
Monitor - Dell Alienware AW2518H 25” 240Hz + ViewSonic XG2402 24" 144Hz
Mic - Shure SM7B + Cloudlifter CL-1 + FocusRite Scarlett Solo
Cam - Sony Alpha a6400 + Elgato Camlink

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  • KingYahya_280

    Not trying to brag or anything because I played in the same session on Console I got 121 points and got 8000, EU btw. So I think that console in harder to Qualify on

  • Josh wastaken
    Josh wastaken

    Get rid of Rys he’s so bad

  • xhalefn

    Rys dies first in all fights

  • Nitro Mercury
    Nitro Mercury

    I like how during the entire tournament they were yelling at rys to stop wkeying so hard

  • B1zrr

    does anyone know what the fully white rap is called?

  • Shack West
    Shack West

    Jerian hard caring

  • CraNX_Yusuf

    I wanna see little Timmy play😂😂😂

  • Searz ツ
    Searz ツ

    Wow I didn’t know 118 points is 1st place over 218.

  • Jasi

    16:15 This is what you are looking for. Thank me later

  • younge_god

    Code jerian

  • Riot Gaming
    Riot Gaming

    Hey come check out my new vid Ronaldo always makes me laugh when watching his streams

  • Ryzen

    Dis fire

  • Clapz

    I don’t think jerian is a content creator anymore he’s more like a comp creator

  • orbit.

    I was the kid in mackwoods stream yesterday and said you have not stream in two years

  • Daily Evolution
    Daily Evolution

    If you manage to track down a grenade or rocket launcher, they will be essential in levelling the carefully constructed fortresses and hiding spots housing the rivals around you.

  • HetisGianni

    Change title: Carrying rys and takened in the first tournement of season 6

  • ZpaceFN

    I hate these tourneys because im on console and im going up against trios of pc players

  • 李白白

    why are you show your face so many times?

  • Epic Diamond324
    Epic Diamond324

    *Casual Name drop* On FaZe Sway

  • Lynn

    i placed 87th.... on the nintendo switch 😎

  • NinjaGamer10

    Waiting for guild or nrg to sign this dude

  • Vivek Patel
    Vivek Patel

    Imagine saying so laggy on twenty ping

  • Gustavs

    why are those enemies so bad???

  • Skyz

    The venomous water complementarily damage because jelly directly excite worth a racial sauce. callous, sore beach

  • Ansh Patel
    Ansh Patel

    rys needed those kits

  • Forever God Sent
    Forever God Sent

    Bro what tournament? Lol

  • sebastian glenn
    sebastian glenn

    sus all video

  • Lxcal

    Wait, did you permanently switch to the gmk joystick ?!

  • qt Shyguy
    qt Shyguy

    mans content is just getting more and more boring

  • Aqua Clan-Fortnite
    Aqua Clan-Fortnite

    A gaming chair is like your friend, when you get down it’s got your back

  • Princeton Bey
    Princeton Bey

    Do you have any arrows? Jerian: Yeah 20 i just dropped thirthy. Me : ☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂

  • Imran Islam
    Imran Islam

    1 v 1 RodeyBros

  • Mobile Cleefo
    Mobile Cleefo

    “Oh that is a gas can!” *explosion* idk why but I found that funny

  • Mitchell Jacobs
    Mitchell Jacobs

    “I lit him on fire... in game” that got me dead I love Jerian. Why didn’t you play World Cup?

  • Fear Ghosted
    Fear Ghosted

    Rys is a bot drop him please

  • XxKing Josh
    XxKing Josh

    I remember you when you had 2k subs

  • Stepbro Jc
    Stepbro Jc

    You keep improving everytime I see you play I love it😎

  • billarasツ

    Jerian plz i can 1v1 you i play in ps4

  • Nidxzero

    1st by - 100 pts according to the thumbnail LMFAO

  • Golden Mouse
    Golden Mouse

    whatever happnes always blame rys jk rys

  • Snot

    GOOD JOB!!!

  • wishiefn

    11:42 Jerian: WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME YOU ARE SO BAD. The enemy just tryna have some points: 👁👄👁

  • TomaFN

    Jerian!!! Youre supposed to call out what damage you hit the guy for!!!! Nice vid otherwise

  • stephensilva13

    Nice jerian is cracked

  • Michmosh0608

    My mum doesn’t let me get 2FA so I’m stuck on arena and I think I will do ok in tournament

  • Nosiite

    those noobs need to watch more jerian tips n tricks videos

  • Speedboy

    I like how it says faze sway is in the lobby

  • Nuova

    This man has Faze Sway added????

  • Eythans

    Drop rys?

  • R021 Clorpy
    R021 Clorpy

    I'm sorry but that thumbnail, second place has almost double the points, you got the map wrong you did earth pic then an american picture, and then it had 3 names which you only showed 2 and did them in the wrong order

  • Nxtro Brizzy
    Nxtro Brizzy

    good shit

  • Bxshhead

    jerian stream these events bro it would be so fune

  • Zxro

    Does papa jerian reply

  • BluesClues

    Rys got violated in thumbnail

  • Andrew gaming Benitez
    Andrew gaming Benitez

    I am performance mode stay on performance mode stay on for performance mode stay on performance mode stay on performance mode stay on performance mode

  • L-Alt -F4
    L-Alt -F4

    Do you know the Zaunkoenig m2k? Its the new worlds lightest mouse! It just weighs 23gramms!🤩

  • beannrice-YT

    "Meat in my mouth. The only place it belongs." - Jerian 2021

  • ilou graal
    ilou graal

    Wtf I got 120 points and I got place 4000 EU

  • Spark is nuts
    Spark is nuts

    Jerian is my fn Father and fn dad i need or we need some boosts :)


    yo can u pls see my montage in one of tour videos plz

  • RUNdone DIDit
    RUNdone DIDit

    Bro u kinda suck. Maybe practice between making videos....

  • Mxgnus FN
    Mxgnus FN

    Funniest trio in 2021😂🤣

  • MinigunL5

    I feel like Rys is holding them back...

  • Nic on Xbox
    Nic on Xbox

    What keyboard do you use

  • John Reid
    John Reid

    No one: Not even a single soul: Random Dude That looks exactly like Jerian during an opera gx ad: OpErA Gx Is A FrEe GaMiNg BrOwSeR.

  • ASN Alfie
    ASN Alfie

    I quit but jerian is just the 🐐

  • itsDubsland

    bruh ItsJerian deserves a locker bundle

  • Axel J
    Axel J

    Did you get a new keyboard?

  • Cams Cam
    Cams Cam

    Pin this if you love your fans

  • SP Sharx
    SP Sharx

    2:46 how do you know what that feels like?

  • jake matthews
    jake matthews

    Bro get someone else to fill for rys he just feeds them matts and big pots...

  • jonnyy

    Wait which wood? - Jerian

  • Nathan Beckingham
    Nathan Beckingham

    And also I like to see you wearing GRB Mogul master because that's the one I have and I see no one using it!

  • Nathan Beckingham
    Nathan Beckingham

    Nice Jerian!

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    I've always wondered why is papa Itsjerians profile looking nothing like him

  • DripzFN

    The next justin right here 🤣

  • Flake

    Alternate title: Jerian and his friends being sus for 17 minutes

  • Don’t give A fuck
    Don’t give A fuck

    Ever since the latest update fortnite has been been giving me constant FPS drops as well

  • Yamato

    rys just goes off to die every time lol

  • Ozzy clipped you
    Ozzy clipped you

    Bro rys was lackin

  • Confined

    In the thumbnail it said most important taunemt there's no money involed

  • SlixlolVFX

    The thumbnail is clickbait you had 118 and 2nd place 218 and it said you were top 23%

  • Jaxon Detty
    Jaxon Detty

    We can all agree the best jerian is sus jerian

  • Makshii

    “I have no Wood” Jerian “Which type of wood “ Lol

  • Raider Nation
    Raider Nation

    Rys is dogwater

  • Trix.

    I played too with homes :D 78 pts :c we did pretty well, cuz it was MY first tournament

  • Euphics

    Jerian can you make a video on how to use/practice the primal shotgun. Idk why I just cant use it and im bad with it.

  • ExcalFN

    bro I swear rys gets knocked 8 times a game

  • HappyPlayzツ

    Can you do a video whitout mousepad? I just want to know if you really need a mousepad to be cracked! (Sorry for my English)

  • Mickmak 9997
    Mickmak 9997

    This. Is the content that I like

  • Zarx Boxed You
    Zarx Boxed You

    Jerian: 0:28 most people are not in champs mongraal: already 8000 points LOL

  • Creston

    Rys used to carry but now he’s kind of washed lmfao

  • ツJim

    Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls Performance pls

  • Roaz Mol
    Roaz Mol

    even if your not that good like ben benjyfishy,i love to watch your tournaments videos

  • frantic

    i wouldve let the kids reboot cus its extra kill points

  • Kioshi

    rys is literally dead in every clip

  • Jameson Marcus
    Jameson Marcus

    "Im going to shake it" - Papa Jerian 2021

  • Vyrox

    he got hard carried lol

  • TissueFn

    Pro jerian???

  • iwokeupfrom

    you say your lagging on 20 ping when I'm thankful when I get 70

    • iwokeupfrom

      @Lil Mo shush

    • Lil Mo
      Lil Mo

      wah wah wah. theres no point to this comment. we get it, he has good internet, you don't, stop crying