How We NEARLY Made FNCS Grand Finals! - Fortnite Battle Royale
In this video, I show off my gameplay from the FNCS Week 3 Round 2. In order to qualify for the next round, you had to finish in the 250 trios. The only way we could qualify for finals was by moving through to semis and placing well there since we had already qualified for semis and quarters in the past weeks. This was essentially our last chance at qualifying for heats and making it to the next stages of Chapter 2 Season 5 Trio FNCS. It was an absolute nail biter and should be a blast to watch. Also go follow my teammates and drop a like if we will pop off next FNCS tournament!
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      Did anyone realize jerean kepp switching his shirt

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      Hola 0:9 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝕗𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕩.𝕦𝕤

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    Razer Shorts -

    Nobody- Someone playing FNCS- says the same thing at least twice

  • Kxsh.

    Jerian u should drop rys from your trio he is not that good and u can do better

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    My daddy jerian best content in the world stay with that trio and u qualify finals

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    9:01 I finally won a game this season with 20 kills

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    arelis gonzalez

    10:25 oh yeah yeah

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    7:15 should have watched this instead of gotten a turkey

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    gg ur first fncs and u almost go in finals a god player with good trio


    You have improved alot

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    Gaming Kid

    Can you make an Instagram

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    XyfEx on Crxck

    is it just me, or does jerian look like dababy?

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    J R

    2:53 go to hight

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    I have not watched him in a long time, did he get worse?

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    Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉

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    Good job

  • Rhys Plasma clan 1000 pound earnings
    Rhys Plasma clan 1000 pound earnings

    Well done mate

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    Why did I come into the comments to see if Nosh commented I’m such a Loser

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    Apex Gaming

    AHHH Its been a while since I've been here

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    The Letter D

    Yo are you cracked on the RGB Mousepad? (this is an inside joke with my friends)

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    100 white - Rys 2021

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    Zy'Mar Johnson

    1:55 IT'S A FULL DUO -Papa Jerian

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    dont stay low ground if you can stack on medium ammo for ar's and stay high grounds are else you going to get sprayed.

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    Your comms are hilarious!

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    Jerian is improving

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    Rys just carried the trio Facts.

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    jerian cracked btw ik you dont have to say

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    Liam Andreas

    can you review the hk gaming Sirius ultra lightweight gaming mouse

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    I wish i had a trio

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    U was in my live stream

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    Sty ro

    Not really the right video to comment on for this but my pc is basically fine it’s just like after 3 hours of playing and maybe before that my game doesent’ really crash it freezes and I can’t move the whole entire match I have to leave it’s getting annoying I tried looking everywhere can’t do anything but I used your stretch Rez thing the cru and I don’t know how to change it back I really like it but that might be the problem and not but can you maybe just tell me anything that you think could be the problem

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    But did you qual?

  • Yolo cracked u
    Yolo cracked u

    1:50: It’s a full duo, lmao

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    QR Dinky

    Daddy jerian looking fresh🥵👀

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    You are so good do you have any tips for a new pc player that came from control

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    STEFAN Boanta

    Jerian pro player

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    jerian is slowly becoming more unfamily friendly...

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    Hey Jerian love your content and I use code jerian in the item shop and I really want star wand pickaxe but I don’t have enough and I was wondering if you could gift it to me

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    Papa jerian is da best

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    WHy do you look so tired in the first game lol

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    Can u do a best shotgun review in the next season

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    can you do another "Best Fortnite Players In Every Category! (Aiming, Editing, & More!) " video?

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    Connor Anhalt

    U should do a video on getting rid of tunnel vision

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    Control Game

    Play at lazarbeam cup

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    Bruh my guy was on 0 ping

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    Sceptic Gaming

    Jerian I suggest you start pushing in arena trios so you can improve and you always learn from your mistakes also never do storm fights and always rotate early and go dead side if you think theres a lot of teams around you I hope one day you win the fncs

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    Nikki Brazier

    Well done bro u did well

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    Hey 👋🏾

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    When I put my textures on high on preformance mode why does it turn into mobile builds. Pls like this so jerian can see thanks guys.

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    Hi jerian, I have been a sub for some months now and I would like to ask for you to react to my highlights which I put in a lot of work into. Thanks for your time

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    toxic eto sakr

    can you react to someone called halobombtrooper

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    Nathaniel WHITING

    Anybody else screaming when there was only like 3 secands before he could get in

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    No one: Jerian in Trio FNCS: FULL DUO FULL DUO

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    Can get shout out for subscribe

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    What land does he has on his skin?

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    Jerian have you ever won a cashcup before.


    Hey guys for this video

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    • Kura •

    Just do solos easy

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    Dev Gamer

    Papa jerian can you do a video on a left handed keybinds tips for beginners please

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    6:12 voice crak

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    Buzzun FN

    Jerian will win next FNCS locked

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    74 CMAMUT L

    IG de la minita

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    Jerian!!!! Please promote 50 players creative map....we need to populate it as its so good but underrated as of now...please promote it in 1 of your video🤝🤝 its really good for comp.

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      just kidding ily

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    Dogshit player

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    Jerian what 24 inch 240 hz acer monitor should i get?

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    jerian is a maze hes all over the place cracked

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    Improvements every fncs

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    guys please check my vids im making good montages and cool vids

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    Nomu wtf

    my old e dpi was 48 my new is 38 i lowered it alot just wanted to let u know

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    0:06-0:10 TURKEY 🦃😱

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    In the nicest way possible you should be placing way better look at your settup and the people you play with then there’s kids on 60hz that would shit in you

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    Loving these comp vids please keep it up next season

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    Hello web 3

    Jerians Team is really good but I feel like without taken they wouldn’t of got such high placements but congratulations to him more to come from the big price control jerian

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    w1nderr HD

    Bro your litaly so bad you have the best pc best monitor and tha best krubaird mouse mousepad and still 0 earnings so bad

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    Jerian sucks I won grand finals (just trolling jerian is insane I still won grand finals tho 😉

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    i do 117 in eu and am top 6000 nice in na all is noob

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    Why does Jerians eyes looks like he had to much Red Bull and been playing for hours?

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    Key word: nearly. Nah all jokes well done😂