How To Get 1000+ Arena Points PER DAY! - Fortnite Battle Royale
In this video, I talk about some useful tips and tricks to help you reach champion division in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. On top of that, these strategies and techniques will help you dominate in arena, gain more arena points, get to champion division and win more arena games in the new season of Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to make the video easier to digest, I split it into three parts: the early game, the mid game and the late game. All of them are equally important for improving and winning more in arena, but I focused more on the early and mid game. I included some new season 6 strategies such as farming cars with an SMG for extra mechanical parts, best spots for guaranteed purple pumps, secret ways to get free loot from NPC's, as well as talked about the best weapons and loadouts to take. I also went in-depth to talk about different loot pool changes affect season 6 and the best way to maximize your arena points in the shortest amount of time possible. So, if you're looking for the ultimate Chapter 2 Season 6 arena guide to help you climb and reach champion division (champions league), then this video is definitely for you. Additionally, this video will help you improve at Fortnite, make you a better player, dominate in arena, and win more in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 6.
Landing Spots Video:
Deadside Video:
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  • Vesna Zure
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    not at the end "yEaH" and after 30 seconds also "laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

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    I can never get better at arena and arena sucks uts only for sweats

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    Rift Reaper

    This helped so much. I’m now in Division 5 n 3 days! Thank You!

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    Ty, imma use these

  • Zlyse 1x
    Zlyse 1x

    yeah bows accuracy is trash

  • Davidfartsalot

    Where is the smg that does 25-30 damage?! Nobody ever told me about that

  • Greenblob

    ok got it now just get 20 ping and im a god

  • Carson Kuepfer
    Carson Kuepfer

    Step one for me: Get a PC and switch to KB&M

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  • panda flav
    panda flav

    For me I use SMG and shotgun I havent been using AR’s recently and prefer bows

  • Lurxyツ

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  • EJ on Linear
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    Mist Is happy

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  • Johnny Brianna
    Johnny Brianna

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  • Angus Newman
    Angus Newman

    as a controller player i tend to carry an smg over a bow because of aim assist and i can never hit my bow shots. i sneak up on players and smg them to get the health advantage at the start of the fight

  • Decamax Playsz
    Decamax Playsz

    Thanks for the tips jerian I now get approximately 2000 points everday :)

  • Raphael georgiou
    Raphael georgiou

    the primal shotgun for me does like 2 damage

  • Drew Nicholson
    Drew Nicholson

    Um u have he shockwave bow for rotation so... basically 30 shockwaves with the max capacity of a bow

    • Drew Nicholson
      Drew Nicholson


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    Haris Awan

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  • Kelly Duxbury
    Kelly Duxbury

    I am in division6 and I have 28 player end game sometimes

  • HyperZ

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  • hat_cat51

    I land flush factory in arena because it has good loot and no one lands there.

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    Shotgungoddc Yt


  • Shotgungoddc Yt
    Shotgungoddc Yt

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  • Kelly Duxbury
    Kelly Duxbury

    I land John Wick and got division6

  • Fusion Cifuentes
    Fusion Cifuentes

    The first jonesy is a name of one of the npc near the top of pleasant park i think and if your the first person to interact with him he gives you a gold pump but seconds gets a purple pump

  • Rohit Mungroo
    Rohit Mungroo

    I got a gold scar from rex and a gold pump from cluck animals are the best xD

  • Brwa Azez
    Brwa Azez

    Jerian helps me alot thanks ツ

  • Gorazd Damcevski
    Gorazd Damcevski

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  • NotyourDaddy


  • NotyourDaddy


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    Riot Gaming

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    MGB meme clan

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    Moomoo Fn

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  • Sh1ny Rift
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  • It’s Korbon
    It’s Korbon

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  • Shaide Dempsey
    Shaide Dempsey

    Did U know that if U crouch while craft ing it's faster

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    Buta Singh

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    Daqkota Jevante DAVIDS

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  • who who6970
    who who6970

    Ur tips are so irrelevant the rng sucks to much for ur tips to be relevant like fr i cant find a primal bc rng i cant find a gun bc rng i cant find a npc bc off rng i cant use anything bc rng i cant land bc rng is to fucking ass pls take me back to season 4 cp2 omgg

  • Larnelle Ramiah
    Larnelle Ramiah

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    R.I.P. snipers 2017-2021

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  • Edified -_-
    Edified -_-

    I’m just to bad I’m that one person that’s has good piece control and good edits and good retakes but I get like to 50 everyone I see kills me

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    i am frisk360

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      I like breadstic

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    skirails_ baby

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  • TTV Cryptcizz
    TTV Cryptcizz

    Btw the new meta to get car parts is useing a primal ar gives u 3 or 4 parts best places to land in solos is holly , boney and johnn wick