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  • lirix

    You should do mamabenjyfishy and play on controller



  • Yardy

    Haven’t watched jerian in a long time:/ and us cuz I don’t play fortnite no more because it’s just not the same

  • Karma _darkness
    Karma _darkness

    He has faze sway added

  • Maggie Peck
    Maggie Peck

    Plz nvr say another male will clap your cheeks again

  • ColdLag

    when i do stretched res it zooms in. can anyone help?

  • hckry

    do my setup: havit ms746 jedel k518 for my mouse pad its complicated,its just a long scarf Good luck

  • gh0u1 _r1y
    gh0u1 _r1y

    Yes fresh Is a god I been watching him since COVID started I remember his old intro too

  • CRZ

    Best youtuber

  • Letti Byrne
    Letti Byrne


  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell

    where were the memes

  • Yugoslavia AOC2 Master
    Yugoslavia AOC2 Master

    While we are in australia can you do lezarbeans setup

  • h5_ andi
    h5_ andi

    Fresh lands in pleasant

  • xd Anand
    xd Anand

    What's the code ? 😂

  • zForbitten

    I am a coder and now can run visual code studio with 800 fps

  • Caden -_-
    Caden -_-

    That would be him if he said that

  • Fritz Roesler
    Fritz Roesler

    Do you know the Zaunkoenig m2k? Its the new worlds lightest mouse! It just weights 23gramms!🤩

  • buildarmens

    NO NOAHSNOAH :((((((((((((((((((((

  • Caden -_-
    Caden -_-

    This is Jerian WHAT'S UP GUYS YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  • GoofyGangAnt

    Martoz setup next plz

  • Hybridfocus

    he lands at the PP

  • Xyro

    Do noahreyli's setup

  • Xyro

    I died when jerian did pumpernickel😂

  • liam moss
    liam moss

    this fucking dirty jerian youtuber got me killed in an arena 2v2 and shit like wtf unsubscrivbing for that

  • AVEry smith
    AVEry smith

    Jerians new name is MrFrestCaucasion

  • * Highlivesgaming *
    * Highlivesgaming *

    Me next me next my is 19.1 his 18.4 800 dpi edit is r q is wall z is floral c is ramp v is cone scroll wheel forward is AR. Mouse button is reload in trap pls do my sense

  • Plasmifii


  • Zeeshaan Guffar
    Zeeshaan Guffar

    Thats good ping for me

  • Toxic Cent
    Toxic Cent

    ey jerian listen, iv been watching you for over a year iv watched almost every video of you but i just cant get better kids sweating to hard man im taking a break

  • JayntZツ

    It’s just a giant 😳

  • Star 1979
    Star 1979

    im watching this while downloading fortnite on pc

  • flair

    Jerian my screen is still black

  • Tristan Maree
    Tristan Maree

    Yo ItsJerian love the content but can you please react to some of our South African players we are underated and play on 160 ping…some channels are Neymar,Peekz,5D Jayden ect. Probs wont see this but worth a shot thanks👍🏻🥰

  • Cameron Hunter
    Cameron Hunter

    Man need to groom he has way to much hair on his chest

  • 999 Holy
    999 Holy

    "mr fresh whiteboy" 😭😭

  • Jakeyyyyy ✦
    Jakeyyyyy ✦

    I feel it’s cool that me and jerian have the same phone

  • vermaercke Wesley
    vermaercke Wesley

    Muselk setup

  • vermaercke Wesley
    vermaercke Wesley

    Do muselk

  • vermaercke Wesley
    vermaercke Wesley

    Love it do more of it

  • Anshuman Singh
    Anshuman Singh

    Did anyone realise that PumpShottyRush was playing with SneepGG?

  • salterf1

    Papa jerian is cool 😎

  • notvols

    My thing freezes every single time and it won’t give me 2 seconds on it it also worked the restart driver thing

  • Matías Movilla
    Matías Movilla

    what was the name ot he guy on tiktok

  • Melanie Ayala
    Melanie Ayala

    Jerian you missed to go to pleasent park dog house

  • Peter Griffon
    Peter Griffon

    i haven’t watched this and i already know it’s either gonna be trik or deyy

  • jshusk husky. birds
    jshusk husky. birds

    do loserfruit

  • Sw0rds

    I switched to keyboard from controller but my hand hurts a lot

  • puffinz

    "It's just a giant, black O_O mousepad...."

  • Gladys Nyarango
    Gladys Nyarango

    Fresh's edit bind is left shift

  • VN Zyro
    VN Zyro

    I have a ryzen 5 3600 and a rx 5600 xt and in fortnite capped at 240 fps, my cpu is using only about 30% while my gpu is in the 60s or 70s, why?

  • Adirman Gaming
    Adirman Gaming

    corny complex house is my drop spot, everyone BACK OFF

  • Thomas Montaldo
    Thomas Montaldo

    When jerian watched the vids there was a vid called "Fortnite in this tits" lol

  • Danielfoxo99

    Love ur vids keep it going

  • Rebecca Sagers
    Rebecca Sagers

    Do bizzle

  • Sotropa George
    Sotropa George

    How do you warm up?

  • NuggetXD

    me with a logi g604: WAIT I HAVE BETTER STUFF THAN A IRbinR

  • Tryharders

    Do cxuters setup

  • JDBeastKing

    I played switch for 1year it's not that bad I think

  • YoCoral


  • Rewindz

    All I needed was Jerian to say whats up guys yes and to land at Pleasant and call it pp

  • Jake S
    Jake S

    I use an xbox one X

  • The_slayer1 ttv
    The_slayer1 ttv


  • qamarkids

    is there any way at all to get digital vibrance on a laptop

  • Orasure


  • Big man Init
    Big man Init

    Man I play 24 edpi and have 5k earnings Also play in Europe

  • slicx

    Please make a: using pro players binds series

  • ReziWTF

    who ever sees this godbless you have a great day 😊

  • Andrew Atkins
    Andrew Atkins

    My name is angle9125

  • Xaavier Memon
    Xaavier Memon

    bro there is a more recent setup video on fresh's second channel second channel: freshfresh btw use fresh's bind it is good and also fresh lands at pp ( pleasent park )

  • Dhüźht

    wait does kbm on console have more input delay than controller on console? cuz i play both inputs on ps4 but i dont feel the difference in input delay between controller and kbm

  • Vlone Lamar
    Vlone Lamar

    For AMD if your trying to find digital vibrance click on settings> Display> click on custom colors> Color tempeture.

  • Lightvr

    Mr fresh whiteboy

  • Hyqerz

    Do the x2 twins next

  • Void10k

    Ofc jerian leaks my drop as the first spot

  • Hylke Oosterdijk
    Hylke Oosterdijk

    with performence mod and low meshes you can sometimes see if someone is camping in a bush

  • sxh

    giant black...............mousepad

  • APL09

    He uses L SHIFT edit

  • Liquid Aske シ
    Liquid Aske シ

    OHHHHhHhHhH lol

  • Tuffy

    Little timmy be like: Fresh uses the full size apexpro

  • ASN L0kxzy
    ASN L0kxzy

    martoz because he has a really unieek setup