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  • Niksa Ivsic
    Niksa Ivsic

    Bro jerian sheesh sodnds like a dolphin

  • RavageWyd

    Which season is this for the Netflix series

  • Luicid

    i have weird keybinds wall is Z floor is X stairs is C cone is F and i edit with alt

  • * Highlivesgaming *
    * Highlivesgaming *

    My keybinds are Q is wall Z is wall C is ramp V is pyramid R is edit side Mouse button is reload and trap front scroll is AR back scroll is reset I'm cracked up the game My Guy x and y is 28.5 my aim is 28.8 and my scope is 47.7

  • ChristianFN

    Do the same thing on controller

  • LawKern ➐
    LawKern ➐

    bro i just got clickbaited by jerian

    • Aarav Shah YT
      Aarav Shah YT


  • Tickle Pickle
    Tickle Pickle

    Why is this in everyone’s reccomended right now?

  • Xbox TOPICS
    Xbox TOPICS

    I swear he is becoming a timmy day by day

  • Evan Rosa
    Evan Rosa

    you should get a red GTRACER gaming chair to go with you setup.

  • zyze

    My binds lol wall = 1 floor = x stairs = 2 cone = t edit = e

  • Squick FX
    Squick FX

    Nobody: Me: Going to use weird keybinds so itsJerian reacts to me and i basically get a shoutout.

  • softaimxatr

    This title is a complete lie. If you instead put that you were cheating and using a damage and health upgrader, it would be slightly less clickbait. 0/10

    • Aarav Shah YT
      Aarav Shah YT

      @itsJerian LOL I don’t think it is clickbait

    • itsJerian

      Are you gonna cry

  • slecry

    so many ads bro but love ur vids

  • panache dhall channel
    panache dhall channel

    what if someone used only there f1, f2 and the rest to play for example there move is f1 and f2 and there mouse is shoot and aim but everything else is on f something it would be very hard to play

  • La Phœnix
    La Phœnix

    Buy a 1 $ mic and trolling in the voice chat

  • EL1TE Breezy
    EL1TE Breezy

    i love how i got an aimlab add before wathing this

  • Cryhard

    Jerian should shootout Grant for the idea

  • GCD

    Jerian: You do 3 minutes for each one, which in total is 7 minutes Me: ...

  • Massimo Zegrett
    Massimo Zegrett

    Jerian it’s not wakeboarding it’s skimboarding

  • DT

    All of these ppl are getting Arthur iris when they are older

  • Hamza katous
    Hamza katous

    Hi jerian can i 1v1 u one time

  • Ronnie Jerrard
    Ronnie Jerrard

    Bucke's sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh is very nice

  • Reubezz

    im sorry jerian but this is your most clickbait title

  • Yani on Laptop
    Yani on Laptop

    Getting famous off coments day 1

  • Mr Piece
    Mr Piece


    • Jeffrey 0347
      Jeffrey 0347


  • Ivan Semik
    Ivan Semik

    superhero skin for mitro

  • Akie

    U shouldn’t have put on 30.000 hp. But really funny video bro😂

  • Gabriele Asaro
    Gabriele Asaro

    I can do this on a laptop?



  • Shuuco YT
    Shuuco YT

    "My aim is feeling spicy" Next second misses 25 shots Me:LOL

  • Brandon Ayre
    Brandon Ayre

    English to Fortnite: Controller = Aimbot

  • Michael Basinger
    Michael Basinger

    keybinds are w,a,s,d to move left shift to crouch f for pickaxe e for edit q for pick up x for stairs c for floor v for cone press scroll wheel for wall b for emote 6 to ping 12345 for weapons

  • LK

    I wanna know the map-code🥺

  • Luke O'Bryan
    Luke O'Bryan

    stop being not family friendly

  • Fliqx

    8:30 say that to faze sway

  • WatddaYT

    Can we get arena gameplay?

  • TryMe_ panda
    TryMe_ panda

    ummm checkout @halo keybinds weird

  • Ur strxk
    Ur strxk

    Bro jerian stop making people good my lobbies are all sweats that play all day

  • Yahya Alshaer
    Yahya Alshaer

    thats really clean

  • Mutsis

    Next time use only pump with that cheat and get only 100hp and 100 shield and it looks more realistic :)

  • Assight

    u look tired

    • SebastianPlays


  • ZA8 _
    ZA8 _


  • Fluxy Wuxy
    Fluxy Wuxy

    alternate title: how to get less people to play this game

  • Infamous Raynor
    Infamous Raynor

    you should do something for these cracked FB streamers

  • Dylan Animates
    Dylan Animates

    q is pickaxe, 1-5 is weapons, f is edit, z is floor, c is pyramid, scroll wheel reset, first side button is wall, second is ramp

  • Abraham Cabello
    Abraham Cabello


  • Abraham Cabello
    Abraham Cabello

    Sooo. This joystick... is it bannable? Is it alloted in tournaments?

  • ZachYT

    holy goated 😊🙏😌🐐

  • Panther

    Figured I'd put this out there cause I'm pretty decent as a player and I use diagonal inversion on my build binds. It's basically where your stair is my floor, your wall is my cone, your cone is my floor, and your floor is my cone. I can still edit consistently and get up to 4 triple edits in a row. I can also do ramp flips, triple edits downward and a number of piece control techniques. I play on console. It isn't that wierd but I just wanted to let you guys know that it works and a past friend of mine uses these same settings. Been on them since season 6 so I'm pretty used to them.

  • Verge442

    When I try to open 2xkeys it says an error does anyone have any fixes

  • wxstboy

    Jerian is so funny 😂

  • Hulkom 28
    Hulkom 28

    R is my wall, V is my floor, C is my ramp and Z is my cone :)

  • kushina

    Jerian ur pretty sus ngl

  • weaboo FN
    weaboo FN

    i have never said jerian looks tired but in this vid he looks tired af

  • Asio Pro
    Asio Pro

    It wasn’t aim bot it was Jerain 1000 aim training


    Best video ever

  • Savannah Covington
    Savannah Covington

    your videos are the only ones that can make me laugh this hard omg thank you for your content 😭😭😭


    Faze Jarvis whoooooo

  • RodeyBro’s Neighbor
    RodeyBro’s Neighbor

    Everyone! The thumbnail is Lunazacre! Go sub to my boi

  • clxrity

    why is he on Asia 🤔

  • sumayya Al ebed
    sumayya Al ebed

    Bucke is so bad i can win if he play with me 1v1

  • TwitchDenary_

    dude your dog dying was way more important than the cup don't apologize.

  • AlwaysKyro

    oh no, he pulled a jarvis

  • vibez Production
    vibez Production

    Sooooo am champions div 9 and I play on 190 ping and am a beast

  • AB - 05HM 811723 Russell D Barber PS
    AB - 05HM 811723 Russell D Barber PS

    ima stay on controller bc its easy to build with 4 binds close but on kbm its random

  • zfish

    How do we do this on amd

  • JoshuaPlayz _11YT
    JoshuaPlayz _11YT

    He got trolled so hard imaging they were on a discord lol

  • Kale Small
    Kale Small

    The shsinkey was good 😂

  • Armadelo3520

    Hay jerian tell me if my binds are good or bad idk I use q for stairs v for wall f for floor e to edit and b for roof I use left shift to crouch

  • lilsopaa

    u said aimbot then you said then u said its just a hack in the game and the thumbnail says aimbot

  • Nixon S
    Nixon S

    jerian: my fps hadn't been too bad me with a super laggy game with 10fps and a glider glitch: 😭

  • M1 Clø-_-
    M1 Clø-_-

    Kraken pro 60-BRED edition 60%Mechanical keyboard RGB gaming keyboard(Silver speed switches is the fastest Keyboard

  • HWtuto

    0:33 i have 8% so its normal

  • Lely

    Amazing! thanks for every little detail

  • cracky ツ
    cracky ツ

    I press my index finger on,, W" and my middle finger on,, Q" and my ring Finger on Tab (i plyed on a Laptop with 60 FPS)

  • HermzBTW

    If you guys want the most optimal bind for your pickaxe use middle mouse button the button u use to scroll but instead of scrolling with it your press on it there two different binds

  • fallen inwl
    fallen inwl

    This video was mad funny

  • Sara Zenebe
    Sara Zenebe

    Mongraal is better then benjifishy

  • Kuzo

    SHEEESH i thought he was about to get banned like jarvis lol

  • chxse

    Day 1 getting famous of comments sub to me pa